Empress Theodora By: Kevin Colin


Theodora was born c.497 and died in Constantinople in the year 548. She had a major impact on the Byzantine Government, and brought many rights for women. She served as her husband's (Justinian 1) most important advisor. She accomplished many things as an Empress.

Theodora's role

Before marrying Emperor Justinian, she worked as a Pantomime actress. When she was in power alongside Justinian, she served as his advisor, even during the rebellion of Constantinople in 532. She also brought many good things to the people especially women.

Byzantine Empire

Empress Theodora accomplished a lot of things for women. Nowadays she would be considered a Woman's rights activist for her actions. Some of the rights included: Women owning land, and women gaining income from the land they owned if they were widows. She was also a great advisor for Justinian 1, thanks to her he was able to stop the rebellion against Constantinople.

Death and conclusion

Empress Theodora was one of the most important figures not only for Byzantine, but for the rest of the world. She died of cancer in June 24 548 AD.


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