Portfolio By WyatT Craig


When I started this semester unlike most people who were elated over winning the national championship. Me I was depressed and on academic probation and disappointed with the semester I previously had. On the first day of class I didn’t quite know how this class would be. Honestly I imagined that this is what alcoholics anonymous must feel like except for academics. We of course did all the little games that most first day classes do to get to know each other but I still couldn’t make myself not feel like a failure. As the class went on I actually got more and more frustrated the more I would come to class because it just made me feel worse about myself. Then we started to learn about the portfolio and I thought this was going to be one of the easiest things ive ever done in college but like most things that wasn’t the case. The portfolio wasn’t something that could be knocked out in a day it was something that you had to devote time to through out the week or else it wouldn’t get done. As the semester kept going I finaly had reached my breaking point I was overwhelmed with class and school was about to fail chemistry yet again and then we had a delightful lady come and speak to us about academic probation she explained that not all was lost and we didn’t have to make straight A’s to get off of probation and that really helped me calm down and look back at my college career and realize that it was time for a change so I changed my major and I started seeing things in a different light the portfolio no longer seemed like some giant beast that couldn’t be tamed, it transformed into a more do able task that I didn’t dread working on every night. It allowed me to finally organize my life and get my life together and to see thing in a better light. It allowed me to interview one of the best Ta’s ive ever had and to establish a better relationship with all of my professors. Looking back at this portfolio and at this semester a lot has changed, my major, my outlook on this semester , and how I feel about myself. I no longer feel like a failure or a disappointment to myself or to my family. I feel like now that I have my life organized and clarity in my job that this semester and the semesters to come will be a breeze. Would I like to do another portfolio in my time at Clemson? No! I hope that I never have to use adobe spark ever again. Would I have rather been tested on the material that I was learning about? Yes. But I would trade the experience and life lessons that this portfolio and class has taught me for anything because it has helped me grow into a better person and into a better student.

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