What Is There & How Do You Know?? Imagination and memory

Essential Question:


We desire to explore the connection between imagination and other ways of knowing. For a knower, imagination is a very native ability because one is able to imagine base upon previous knowledge and experiences... So, has it to do with one's memory?

We investigated several target subjects and asked them to draw their first-hand image as they first hear about the word "the world". Several different pictures were provided, and thus we concluded in a short cartoon.

Three different types of imagination:


-Realistic imagination: Imagination which is informed and guided by relevant facts

-Creativity: The ability to generate ideas or produce artefacts which are original, surprising and valuable

The subjects mostly provided a drawing based upon their realistic imagination and how they have remembered about the world.

Connecting Memory to Imagination:

Your imagination is partly based on your memory, so someone will draw what they have a memory of. Thus memory is necessary for imagination, because the latter is a part of the prior thoughts and memories. Imagination exist from memory, expands on memory, and can eventually become a memory.

When most people hear the world “world”, they think of planet earth, so that is mainly the responses we got. We expected to get a larger variety of drawings, but also understand why we got the results we did: because people's memories about the world and how they've learnt it has become dominant as they try to imagine it.

One’s imagination is tightly connected to one’s memory. Imagination is the ability to form images or ideas upon concepts or external objects that are not presented to the human sensations. It is usually what complete the unknown part of one’s life. As a way of knowing, imagination more likely provided us a way to develop information and knowledge from thing that we do not necessarily observe or experience. However, this is also greatly impacted by another way of knowing, Memory. Memory is essentially a record of one’s knowledge based upon past experiences, and imagination usually applies knowledge gained from the past to further complete the knowledge that is imagined. If one doesn’t know about a certain thing from one’s memory, it is highly unlikely for one to implement it into one’s imagination.

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