IRP 9 By: Logan Bittner

The whole Endgame series

Endgame is a lot like The Hunger Games. There are twelve players from twelve aincient lines that have to fight to the death to see who is the winner. The players are ages 13-19 and are trained from birth for this event. Endgame doesn't just challenge physical strength, but mental strength. To win Endgame, the winner must have three keys; Earth Key, Sky Key, and Sun Key. The reward for winning Endgame is surviving The Event and their whole line being saved.

The Event

The Event is something that is going to change the earth forever. A huge asteroid scientists call Abbadon was spotted in Earth's atmosphere. Abbadon is expected to wipe out the entire coast of Canada and the USA.


There are about 5 main characters, even though there are 12 lines these characters are focused on the most

  • Sarah: Sarah is from the Cohakian line. She is smart, cunning, and will do whatever it takes to stop Endgame
  • Jago: Jago is from the Olmec line and before Endgame started, he decided to team up with Sarah. Jago is very strong, and one of the best fighters out of the twelve players.
  • An: An is the deadliest player in Endgame. An doesn't care who lives or dies, he just kills. An is playing for the Shang line, who almost killed him in his training
  • Chiyoko: Chiyoko is playing for the Mu line, the most ancient of all the lines. Chiyoko is mute, which means she cannot speak. She is sneaky in fights, using small darts and other weapons.
  • Aisling: Aidling is the oldest player, and when Endgame arrived, there was 6 days until she aged out, which meant she would no longer be eligible for Endgame. Aisling plays for the Celts, and she specializes using a sniper rifile


The main conflict of Endgame, The Calling is everyone fighting for the first key, Earth Key. First there are 12 meteors that hit earth to represent that Endgame has started. Everyone gets a clue from the meteor about where to go next, which brings them to China. Once there all in one location, Kelper 22b (a maker of Endgame) announces that Endgame has begun and there are no rules.

all 12 lines' symbols

Fun facts

Endgame wasn't just a book, but James Frey decided to make Endgame a real life puzzle. The contest would finish in either exactly two years, or whoever finished the puzzle first. The winner would win $500,000 in gold to use however they wanted.

all the gold for the competition

Endgame is a lot like The Hunger Games. There are 12 'players' that have no choice but to play endgame just like the 12 candidates have no choice to fight him The Hunger Games. Both books make the players/candidates fight to the death for the safety of their people. I would recommend the Endgame series to anyone who enjoyed The Hunger Games or any book like it.

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