Bonita Brown is the Admissions and Guest Services Manager for the Carolina Union. She loves her pet Parakeet and everything bagels from Alpine. Get to know a little bit about her!

Where do you call home?

I grew up in Yanceyville, NC but have lived in Burlington, NC for the past 20 years. As I live in Burlington, I travel into campus via bus. The ride is just over an hour but I pass the time by meditating, listening to music, sleeping, or reading. I really enjoy the commute as it forces me to sit and relax.

Do you have any pets?

I have a pet Parakeet named George and he is my best friend in the world. I originally wanted a dog but then realized that everyone gets dogs and I wanted to be different. George lives in a very spacious cave and makes sure to welcome me home every evening.

What is your go-to Alpine bagel?

An everything bagel with veggie cream cheese. I love it so much because it is not just something, it is everything.

What does your daily schedule entail?

I interact with clients, mainly through our ticketing services, manage the box office, and manage student staff.

How long have you worked at the Carolina Union?

I am currently in my 6th year. I started in an entry level job and then moved up in the Events Management department of the Union to the position I am now.

What is your favorite aspect of working at the Carolina Union?

The students. I thoroughly enjoy watching them grow from day 1 on the job to when they graduate and leave. I find it very rewarding to teach them not just how to succeed in their position but also something that they can take with them and use forever. I see myself much more than a manager; I see myself as a friend.

We told you that Bonita enjoys working with students!

What are your direct responsibilities as the Admissions and Guest Services Manager?

I oversee the Union Box Office, house staff, and the Information Desk. Our department is the front-facing image of the Carolina Union and a large portion of my work goes towards making sure that the image is positive.

How many student staff members do you oversee?

I oversee 53 in total. 15 Information Desk Assistants, 8 Box Office Assistants, and 30 House Staff. Information Desk Assistants provide sign-up, sign-out, and sign-here for many events and activities. They also provide maps, answers questions, and serves as the informational hub for all that goes on in the Union. Box Office Assistants assist Bonita in managing all of the ticketing and event sales. House staff provide sign-up, sign-out, and sign-here for spaces outside of the FPG Student Union that are managed by the Carolina Union (usually classrooms).

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