Quadrilaterals📱🦄 BY emily j horst 😈

A square is a qaderlateral that has 4 equal 90 degeress.🌈📱📷

A rectangle is a qaderateral with opposite sides parallel. How many angles dose this have? Can this be a square?🌈💶

A rhombus is a qaderlateral with all sides equal sides and pairallel.🦄💍

A parallelalogram is a qaderlateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides.🔑📓📔

A trapezoid is a qaderlateral with exactly one pair of pairallel sides. 👾🎷🎟🖥⌚️🏁🏴🏳

Now let's work on a worksheet ☄️🌪💵📝1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣💝📓🤓🦄👻👍🏻

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