TatOos on the heart Lauren Diederich

Chapter one - God, I guess

Chapter one is about the place Homeboy Industries. Father Greg (Father G) wanted to make a change. He decided he wanted to help former gang members and changing their lives. Father G would help any gang member and their problems to help them get them back on their feet. Greg loves to see people he used to know, try and get back moving and not in bad situations. Father G would also travel around the world to teach less fortunate people about God and his mission. Father G said that God called him to take on the mission of creating Homeboy Industries and helping former gang members with their lives.

Chapter Two - Dis-Grace

In chapter two Father Greg is still continuing his mission. Father Greg spends a lot of time preaching and teaching at Dolores Mission. This chapter is mainly about help. Former gang members go to Father G for any help they need in their lives. In this chapter there are a variety of different gang members and all their problems they have and how they act because of it.

Chapter Three - Compassion

Chapter 3, Father Greg also visits prisoners. He goes and tells them stories and teaches them about God. Father G asks the prisoners to see if they have any clue what compassion is and what it means. He ends up teaching them about it. In this chapter, there are many different stories of people who need compassion in their lives and how G helps them.

Chapter Four - Water, Oil, Flame

In this Chapter Greg refers to baptism. He tells stories about gang members that had been baptized before and how it changed them. Greg helps them through the process and how it will help them. It is such a great chapter because Greg is willing to help any gang members with problems, no matter how bad it is.

Chapter Five - Slow Work

The summary is about gang members making the change to their lives, themselves. No one can force them to change, only they can do so. It is called slow time because it takes time for them to decide on what they want to do with their lives. This chapter has stories based on gang members deciding after years, that they want to change. After they decide, they go to Father G for help.

Chapter Six - Jurisdiction

In chapter 6 the homies are becoming very nice. They tell G they love him and he realizes they care about him. G stands up for the people he loves no matter who he is talking to. G didn't care that Chepe and Richie were homies. G takes them to a restaurant and makes them feel like they are normal people. Chepe and Richie feel very happy after eating because the waitress made them feel like “somebody”. G always takes time to get to know different homies. G let's homies come work at Homeboy Industries but he makes them work with their enemies. G does this so that they get used to working with people they don't like and adjust to the real world.

Chapter Seven - Gladness

The summary of chapter seven is another chapter with help from Father G. The stories are about gang members who experience joy in their lives from Father G and Homeboy Industries. It shows that Homeboy not only brings them a new start but joy in their lives. These former gang members are experiencing happiness in their lives.

Chapter Eight - Success

The summary of chapter is mainly about death. It talks about how success is measured in how much faith you have. Death is not success usually but in this chapter it plays a big role. These former gang members that died, ended up being very faithful and end with a successful life. These gang members changed their lives and died the way God would have wanted them. They had success with their lives because they changed their whole world around.

Chapter Nine - Kinship

The summary of chapter nine is about kinship. The kinship that is show between the homies and Father G is showing the power of God, and what he can accomplish. Some homies were told they were useless and that no one cared about them. Father G knew God could help and so he accomplished his message and turned them into good people.


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