Faithful By:Austin metzler

Many people don't know how geysers or the geyser old faithful was formed, and its confusing to know how they work. Well, for a geyser to form it needs a few things and some tectonic plates. Old Faithful isn't much different from these geysers. It is just one of the most well known geysers that has ever been formed. Old faithful as known by many people is one of the greatest geysers known to mankind, but is still not the biggest. Geysers are formed by an abundance of things including plate tectonics. They are formed with heat, a natural plumbing system, water, magma, and of course plate tectonics.

Many people don't truly know the cause of geysers and why/how they are formed. The cause of old faithful is simple as said. There are a few things needed to form a geyser, and usually a place where there was volcanic activity. This event of old faithful happened here for a few reasons. One reason why is because there was volcanic activity in this area of Yellowstone. The way it works is also another factor of why it formed here, the way it works is that in the plumbing system water gets heated up and turns into steam after turning into steam it gains air pressure and shoots out the steam. As many people know there are many other geysers on earth and this event has happened many times. There are many reasons why old Faithful is the most known geyser and one of those reasons is because old faithful is one of the biggest normal geysers . A normal geyser is easy to predict when it will go off. Finally, the forces that change the earth's crust, for three of the forces that affect the earth's crust are it creating new materials, creating cracks from air pressure, and the heat would badly affect the earth's crust.

Some people don't understand how a geyser like Old Faithful could possibly affect the surface of the earth because they think all geysers can do is shoot water and steam. Well the fact is, geysers can cause many effects to the surface of the earth. The effects of the event of Old Faithful shooting upwards is more helpful to mankind then bad but they still have many effects on the earth's surface and crust. With any geyser it shoots water into the air but many people don’t know what happens when it dries one of the things that happens is it turns into silica which is one material that is abundant in magma another material that can also form in water after it dries from geysers is travernite. One thing that usually forms from silica is geyserite which is usually what you see as the rim of most geysers.The reasons of how this event continues the continuous cycle of materials is because (as explained) it creates new materials and cycles them over time.This event is able to cycle the material silica out of the earth which is able to help this cycle because silica is most commonly found in magma making it a tiny bit more rare it can also cycle through the materials geyserite and travertine. Geysers are able to cycle many materials not commonly found on the crust of the earth.

Many people wonder how this event could affect people or communities around it but it didn't really hurt or destroy anything unlike volcanoes,earthquakes, or tsunamis this event is able to give much joy to many people around it. This event was only able to affect most people very few ways it wasn't that dangerous of an event but it still could do some damage and bring people much joy the first way it affected people was that it can create more materials which may be able to help that community.The second and third way it was able to affect communities is that it first can really easily burn people being dangerous to people to close to it and secondly may be able to

affect certain structures but not by that much.Many people may be wondering what inventions or discoveries were made for/of old faithful because it's hard to know well one of the things is that there were no inventions made because of old faithful but there were two very Important discoveries.Those discoveries were the discovery of old faithful itself and the discovery of being able to predict when old faithful would go off it may sound stupid but these two discoveries were very important of old faithful.Finally, the scientific knowledge of this event helped communities by a few reasons a few of which are knowing about old faithful and other geysers and that there fun to watch,knowing that some geysers could in fact be dangerous, and finally made people think to keep geysers like this one safe and away from most people.

Though Old Faithful definitely wasn't one of the biggest geysers it is one of the most known for those reasons, this geyser is one of the most grand masterpieces the earth was able to form. Though old faithful didn't cause as much damage as other natural events it is still one of the most known natural events to ever happen. Everyone on earth was lucky we ever came across this amazing geyser and it has forever changed the world and anyone that lives on it. That is how old faithful works,was made, and effected our communities.

Created By
Austin Metzler


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