My Sisters A Vampire Revamped By Margaret elise kita!

Hello people I'm going to talk about MY SISTERS A VAMPIRE REVAMPED!


Ivy and Olivia are twins but Ivys a vampire and Olivia isn't. But no one is supposed to know that vampires exist except for Olivia and she has a right to know because her twin sister is one.

Baby Twins!

One day Olivia and Ivy decided to go tell Olivas parents that there twins but there not telling them that Ivys a vampire . Because if humans find out that there are vampires they might want to do experements on them.

Man getting experimented on.

Olivia and Ivy have been trying to find there biological parents, so they tried looking them up on Olivia's computer but they couldn't find them so they tried Ivy's computer, Ivy's computer is a little different it's meant for a vampire. They went on a website called the VVV that's just something only vampires know about it helps them do vampire things like find other vampires. To get on the web site they ask you a question and if you answer like a vampire would then it let's you in.

Vampire computer and normal computer

Ivy and Olivia still couldn't find there biological parents so they snuck into a place called ASHH Brendan's dad works there so Ivy, Olivia, sSophia, Brendan and Brendan's dad all went to his office except for Sophia she stayed and kept a look outside the building. When they got to Brendan's dad office him and his workers got coughs up doing a bunch of tests on Olivia and Ivy. Brendan was the distractoion so to do his job he grabbed blush from Ivy's purse and put it all over his face and hands because everyone knows a vampire turns pink before it faints. After Brendan was done putting blush on his face he started to loose valence and was saying that he felt dizz, everyone was so scared even Ivy and Olivia they didn't know that he was faking, it took them a while until brendan winked at Ivy, then Ivy new what he was doing she ran to Olivia and whispered in her ear what brendan was actually doing.

When Olivia and Ovy got to the file room they had to be very sneaky so no one would find them, but they had to stop where they were well someone left the room. When they were in there the one thing they didn't know is that there are sincerity cameras in the room. They were going through so many files until they found the one they were looking for. When they opened the file there was only one piece of paper there and it just said some stuff about them and that there mom was in a tragic car acident.

A couple of days after they snuck into ASHH Ivy's dad was waiting at the front of Ivy's school and he looked mad, he was saying that the severity cameras caught them on tape and want to do test on Olivia. Olivia sleep over at Ivy's house that night and they would start testing on Olivia. Olivia was so scared that they were going to wipe her memory from remembering that vampires are real, to start the test they gave Olivia a drink but it was just pink lemonade but Olivia thought that they were giving her blood with some memory erasing potion. One of the test was to sleep in a coffin all night the first few minutes Olivia was freaking out but then she realized that it wasn't that bad and that she could stay in there all night and she did, but when she woke up no one was there not even Ivy even though she promised Olivia before she went to sleep that she wouldn't leave her. she went down stairs and only the people in charge of testing were there Olivia asked were Ivy was and they just said that they don't know, they brought Olivia to Charles Vega's study room and was about to start the next test but Olivia refused to unless Ivy was there but they just kept saying we don't know were she is so lets just start the test and Olivia said "NO not until Ivy's here"! the people started clapping and they opened the door to the hall way and Ivy ran in and gave Olivia she was so mad that they wouldn't let her in but she was also happy because Olivia past all the test's!

Charles Vega and Ivy through a party to celebrate Olivia passing the test, Sophia, Brendan, Bethany Brendan's sister, Mr.Daniels and Mrs.Daniels all came to celebrate with her. There all vampires except for Olivia they all had special drinks, Charles gave Olivia a little umbrella to tell the difference of all the cups but Bethany wanted one to so she grabbed the same one as Olivia and they both set it down next to each others and the only difference between the drinks is Bethany's had some vampire protein in it that humans cant have or they will be dizzy and not them self at all. Olivia accidently grabbed Bethany's drink and Bethany grabbed Olivia's after Olivia took a couple of drinks she just lost it, Ivy didn't want the test people to see so she grabbed Sophia to help her get Olivia into her room but when she got to the kitchen Olivia was gone and then they heard her singing upstairs she was in Charles Vega's study room until Ivy grabbed her before her dad said anything.

This will make you dizzy!

The next day Olivia was all better so she asked Ivy if she could come over because she saw something in Ivy's dad study room when she was all dizzy she told Ivy that she saw a wooden box that had the same symbol that was on there rings so they snuck into her dad's study room when he wasn't home and they went through everything but couldn't find anything, but Ivy new a secret room were her dad keeps all of his stuff that he doesn't want anyone to find. The room was dark and narrow Olivia was a little freaked out so she let Ivy lead the way, when they got to the room there were so many tunnels that had a bunch of stuff in each one they looked at every single tunnel until Olivia spotted the box she saw the day before. Olivia and Ivy grabbed the box and opened it up there was an old picture Ivy and Olivia looked at it and it was a wedding picture of there parents but it wasn't just there parents it was Ivy's adopted dad but she realized that that's her real dad and she was never adopted just Olivia there was also some old letters in that read ''love you Charles Vega'' and Olivia and Ivy's mom's name signed on the bottom of the letter.

old letters

When they left the room Olivia was no longer scared of the pathway because she knew who her dad was. She led the way without fear. Olivia finally knew she wasn't alone. Ivy and Olivia convinced their dad to stay.





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