Inject Creativity Live 2020 Finale! 16th December 2020

Access the recording of our final Inject Creativity Live Chat Show (in the current format) via the embedded video above.

Tonight's focus is on introducing you to the Adobe Creative Educator program.

If you're interested and haven't made a start on it just yet, follow the link using the button below to get started - it only takes a time commitment of an hour or two, and it is completely free to access and complete!

Joining Tim Kitchen, Jerry Wong and I tonight for our last broadcast for 2020 (and in this format) is:

Paul McLean

Education Consultant - New Zealand

... and the snappiest of accessorisers ;)

Paul discussed 'traditional' education and real-world learning. He argues that going back to a grades-based model may not develop students full potential without enough creative educational opportunities.

Paul is hoping to get a lot more teachers engaged in the process of thinking, teaching and learning creatively by helping teachers to see how it is possible to quantify, track and record creative learning outcomes in a way that shows the progress of their students.

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