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Double double toil and trouble fire burn and burn and caldron bubble

Fillet of a in the caldron boil and bake

Eye of newly hacked kiwi and stump of log wool of bat and nose of dog lizards fork and yellows bees wing geckos leg magpie’s wing and red backs red and weta leg and white tall tip and an ells big lips lip for powerful trouble like hell-broth boil and bubble double double toil trouble fire burn and caldron bubble...

One day after math lesson sat down felling abit like I’m going to throw up

Im walk in the air condition paradise with my maths book and bonked down my chair

This presser built up in my stomach and opened my book with the presser getting bigger and bigger

My troths were ples do not throw up don’t throw up and page two said the teacher any second now then the most humiliating I got 1+4 rang unrepentantly I throw up onto my math’s book and desk well that’s one way to get rid of my math book

Hans’s lippershey


The first telescope was the best phenomenon humankind has ever experienced a device that makes faraway things seem close it sold like mad. A greman-duch leance maker by the name of Hans’s lippershey he changed the world of astrometry if this device was not invented we broody wouldn’t know what we know today about space and the universe

Galileo is often created as the inventor of the first telescope but simply the first on to use it and study the night sky in 1608 Hans lippersherey a German- Dutch lenes maker said he wanted to make an instrument to enhance faraway things

The first telescopes were used but merchants to see upcoming trade ships the telescope was one of man kinds most important inventions a device that simply made faraway things close the invention of the telescope cleared up a lot of confusion

Irelands leviathan of parsons town a 40 ton reflecting telescope almost every major observatory has been built in thin air

Space .com

Discovery .com



On a hot day me and my dad and the dogs go up to the favourite spot me and dad had up at the top of murawai beach near tea tree is land a ten meter logon filled with fish and the odd shark pitch back sand and worm water well warmish we brought our red kayak and got it of the Ute splash in the water I paddled out to the other side of the logon to look for crabs or other cru stations you can find under the sand the tide was coming in I knew this but not this fast the next thing I knew my knack was floating away I run as fast as I can to get the run-away kayak I jump in the knack as it floats away then I realize that I left the paddles on the beach so is it in this ti9ny boat in the kipra

Dad runs in to try to keep up with me he falls but I’m only going slow and its quite a land logon as it will take ages with the rate I’m going I start paddling with my hands over both side of the kayak I move a bit but not much I got a problem I’ve got some3 silver dourer dollars I can past the time skimming across the water the the wind picks up so I’m heading out to the kipper with this tiny 2 meter boat with no paddles so I’m doomed

I realize that there something is weighting the knack down it’s the paddles on a rope attached to the back of the kayak I pull it up its the paddle l one side is broken so I try to paddle with only one paddle each side I got knower so I’m still floating down the lagoon and the I see that the tide was going around tea tree is land so I can get on th3ew vis land and dad can get me

I was a shore the inoing kayak too I kicked the side of the kayak and really hurt my foot so i yelled out and got dads attention and from about fifty meters away but just he looked around for about ten minutes the he spots me well the red kayak he yelled out jack you ok how did you lose me you were right there then you weren’t well lets go home the gates are cloeed and thers no why we going home tonight

Suzanne Collins

As a daughter of an air force pilot had to move a concededly amount of time during her childhood born 10th august 1962 in Hartford she lived in places such as New York City and Brussels. She completed an mfa in dramatic writhing at the New York University then marred cap prior who has two children. The moral of the hunger games is respect all aspects of life she has written 9 books

Suzanne collies is an American television writer and author best known as the author of New York times bestselling series the under land chronicles and the hunger games trilogy


2010 USA Today Bestseller

New York Times Bestseller

Wall Street Journal Bestseller

Publishers Weekly Bestseller

New York Times Notable Children’s Book of 2010

New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice

2010 Booklist

For the Collins family, history was an immensely important topic. Much of that was driven by Collins' father, who taught history at the college level and was open with his kids about his military experience, including his deployment to Vietnam


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