Goddamn Know it Alls Makayla Hendry

Know it alls make me so depressed. The morons don't know a goddamn thing they're talking about anything. What phonies. Sally is the biggest know it all of all. She plays on a team with Phoebe, and she's the worst on the team. She's got an ugly face and ugly teeth. Can you imagine anyone more of a goddamn phony? Every practice she's got somethin to say about someone, and it's never any good. The sonuvabitch thinks she can tell everyone else what to do. She's always going up to Phoebe yellin in her face about some goddamn play she didn't make. Poor Phoebe can't see Sally's a goddamn know it all. What a bastard. Maybe Phoebe will realize Sally's an idiot and quit. She's the goddamn worst on the team, I swear. This other guy I know Stradlater thinks he knows it all too. He doesn't know a goddamn thing about anything. Especially when it comes to girls. He can't even see the last thing they want is to be in the backseat of the car. The bastard thinks he knows everything, but doesn't know a thing about girls. Such a phony. Jane would never fall for a guy like that, let me tell ya. First phony I ever met was a know it all. His name was Dan and he was always writin this goddamn nonsense about people and making stuff up. The sonuvabitch told everyone I slept with a prostitute. What an idiot. He's a big liar, let me tell ya. Never met a bigger bastard. He didn't brush his teeth either. Such an idiot. He lied good though. Almost made me think he actually knew every goddamn thing about everyone. Don't ever get involved with know it alls. Trust me they're always lying. I got nothing more to say about know it alls. All I gotta say is stay away from em. They never have anything good to say.

- Holden Caulfield

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