Programming my vex IQ

Challenge 1 moveing forward- we figured out this challenge pretty quick. At first it looked challenging because neither one of us had ever coded before. But once we got some help from another group we picked it up really fast and finished the challenge.

Challenge-2 this challenge was much more difficult the coding was different than just going straight. And we had design issues. Our wheel kept turning to the left. After we fixed that we still had to code wich after days of tying different sequences we finally got it right.

Challenge 3 in this challenge we needed to make the code to were it would grab an object and bring it back.

Challenge 4. We needed to add a distance senor. So that we could navigate the maze without bumping into the walls. The coding was quite difficult but tanner figured it out.

Challenge 5 this challenge there was a square and you add to navigate the square in a way that you had to cover the entire surface area without going out of th zone.

Challenge 6. This challenge took us the longest to first our color sensor broke and we had to get a new one then the code was very hard to complete.

Challenge 6

Challenge 2

Challenge 7- the gay challenge


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