The Story of my Life Ricardo Fernandez

Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico

There is not much that I remember from my time in Mexico, except for my family.
Culiacan is mostly known for its beaches and cathedrals; as well as for its culture and food.

Coming to America

I would have never imagined leaving Mexico, but when you are only nine years old and your mom is in the United states, that becomes the only option.
A greeting sign entering Colorado.
Here we have the Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Rapids, Denver nuggets, and Colorado Avalanche.

Colorado is a beautiful state, filled with diversity at every corner. Everything takes place in Colorado, from zombie walks to formula one races. We are very lucky to have professional sports team from every major sport. If city life isn't your style, the abundance of nature and activities will keep you busy.

Colorado is a beatiful state, I spent most of my life here and started a family.

My Own Familly

The one on the left is me, in the middle is my son Leven, and at the right is my wife Johana.

I was never that close with my family, so I have try to spend as much time as possible with my own little family. Most of my time however, has been spent with my son; my wife has to leave every four days for her job, so I was left to raise my son pretty much on my own.

After the first three months that my son was born, I had to learn how to take care of an infant on my own.


Leven at six months old


Ready for the big game


Johana and her sister at the festival


Leven at the arcade


Leven fishing


Leven and I at our local Comicon


Leven's first ride


Leven's first boxing session



Unfortunately, with my wife’s job and schedule, we have not had the pleasure to travel much. We have been to Texas, California, and Mexico. There is however, one place that we want to visit and spend a week or two discovering.

The dream vacation at the Maldives Resort.
Maldives Resort


There is still a lot to discover, explore, and enjoy in the world and as long as I have my wife and son at my side, everything we do will be memorable..


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