2020 Look back on a year in a different perspective

Some things worth celebrating from 2020

The last twelve months have been a wild ride! Understatement of the COVID-filled year, right? The year 2020 saw the pandemic negatively impact millions of people around the globe and it looks like this will continue for the foreseeable future. It seems the media is reminding us of this daily. So, we here at SevenC’s thought why not give 2020 a little love to lighten everyone’s moods? From animal population increases, to solar panel driveways, there are a few environmental wins that we think should be celebrated!

South Georgia is a wildlife wonderland located 4000km south of Antarctica. In the 18th century the island was inhabited by sealers hunting the then-abundant fur seal population to near extinction. The island was again tormented by whalers from 1904 to 1971 hunting both humpback whales and blue whales to near extinction. At the close of the whaling period, it was reported that the blue whale population was 0.15% of what it was when whaling began. When the whale population did not return to the South Georgia waters, researchers indicated that “a loss of their cultural memory” could be the reason behind the absence. Mothers would pass their feeding ground locations down to their calves, and when the population was purged, the lack of numbers meant the information was unable to be passed on. A New Zealand research ship that was deployed in the area in 2020 recorded an immense increase in sightings, with 58 individual blue whales being spotted. It seems that some of the beautiful mammals have remembered their home in the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands archipelago. As the area has an abundance of food for the whales, researchers are confident a rise in sightings will continue for years to come as these returned whales pass down the memory of their newfound paradise.

Elephants of all different varieties have sadly found themselves on the endangered species list for over 30 years now, in large part due to poachers targeting them for their tusks. Although governments around the world have stricter poaching laws in place, the poaching industry is still a dark stain on many countries today. African Elephants seem to be defying the odds though, as 2020 bought an African Elephant baby boom in Kenya with over 170 babies born. With surplus rains and fewer tourists in the area throughout 2020, the population has flourished and is in a positive position for continuous growth.

In 2020 a Budapest-based start-up, Platio, installed their first solar panel driveway. The tech company has invented solar panels made from recycled plastic bottles, which become a material more durable than concrete and produces clean energy to power your house or electric car. By installing them on the floor, the Platio Home System utilizes existing space and offers a variety of colours making them aesthetically pleasing. The glass tiles protecting the panels are anti-slip and can withstand the weight of the occasional car driving over them. For those of you with Land Cruisers and Ford F250’s wanting to er on the side of caution, you can always opt for a balcony or patio installation. This forward-thinking invention is already being used in parks and public areas throughout the world, collecting solar and distributing it to surrounding areas. This is a step in the right direction for clean, accessible, renewable energy.

There would be very few people that would say 2020 was their best year yet, but luckily there are still some wins worth celebrating amongst all the chaos. We would love to hear all about your 2020 wins! Leave us a comment below so we can share in your success 😊