The Harn Museum By Trevor Wilson

Introduction: My trip to the Harn Museum was one of the most eye opening experiences that I have ever undergone. I am not that much of an art type and I would say that my creativity levels are at a very low point. However, this museum only required an open mind and a respect for the work that the artists of all times created.

Medium of Art: My favorite medium of art in the museum was the videos. The first one that I saw was in the first room that I walked into. I was admiring some art and out of nowhere I just hear this sound, someone talking. It started off, "Apron, Bowl, Chopping Tool, etc." I walked into a room that was tucked into the middle part of the room and I was amazed to see a movie playing in this small room. Out of all the types of art, I think this was the most well done and interesting. Since the museum is filled with paintings, everything is static and quiet. The visual art of movies attracts attention in the quiet environment and it has the ability to outshine some of the most interesting pieces of art because it demands your attention. The art itself was strange but it spoke simplicity but attraction. Similar with the other video playing in the African art section where they had people in a video dancing. There was art, dance, within the medium of art which was video. It made me appreciate the forms of art that were not really at the front lines.

Design of the Museum: The museum was built with elegance and thought. It was open at the same time as being crowded so that you were forced to have at least some intimacy with the art. By far, my favorite wing of the Harn was in the back. It was the Asian culture wing and it was filled with some of the most interesting art in the museum. The walls and floor were covered in a wood that was the color of mahogany, and it extended to the far back of the museum where there was an outside section that added the extra artistic design of art in nature. It was beautiful and even though the day I went was cloudy with a little rain, I couldn't stop myself from going out and sitting in the garden. It was so peaceful and brought forth zen and relaxation in the midst of all of the school work that I needed to do. It was wonderful.

Art and Core Values: The art exhibited in this museum had a very wide range of effect. Most artists had gone through a period of suffering or great struggle. I couldn't relate to anything like that, but I found a few pieces of art that really spoke to me when it came to my core values. The value that I could relate most was my sense of adventure. In the picture that I have above, there is an oil painting of a Florida landscape. I have always found Florida to be such an amazing place. I have lived here my entire life and it still amazes me how much open landscape there is even in developed areas. There's always somewhere new to explore, and that will always stay with me. The painting reminded me of home and being so far away from the town I grew up in, it gave me a comforting feeling and really made me feel calm.

Art and the Good Life: This picture contains an old Korean piece of artwork with a depiction of a swastika on the front and top of it. I believe this does an amazing job of embodying what the good life is to me. The swastika used to be a symbol of peace, tranquility, and kindness until it was taken by the Nazi regime and turned into a symbol of hate. Fighting for the good life describes how we must fight for what we believe in and even though this symbol is seen as hateful today, in the distant past it inspired people to be kind to one another and to actually see how they could be better people. They fought for this symbol even though it was ruined in the mid 1900s. This makes me want to fight for the good life that I believe even if everyone doesn't always agree with me. If this would have inspired people to be kind to one another instead of hate, maybe the great tragedy could have been avoided.

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