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Malta, Valletta 🇲🇹

St Johns co-cathedral

St. John's cathedral was built in 1577, it's a very typical Cathedral for its time representing the boroque period it was built in. It was made for and dedicated for John The baptist. It resembles a fortress, it was a simple design for its time with two massive bell towers. On the ceiling painted is the life story of John the Baptist, and in the oratory there's a specific painting about his beheading. The cathedral was almost completely destroyed during Italian bomber raids in WW2. Now remains are a used Church for the locals and a major tourist site.

Maltese Rock Centaury

The Maltese Rock Centaury scientifically know as Cheirolophus crassifolius. The Centaury is most commonly found on Malta's cliffs. It is found growing next to Rocky Mountains hence the name. The purple flower is like a plant growing about 10-25 flowers on a plant. These flours have slender tentacles on bunched together on the end of each flower.

Maltese has an unusual amount of borrowed words. Approximately 32 percent of the Maltese vocabulary is from Arabic, roughly 52 percent comes from Italian and Sicilian, and about 6 percent originates from English. No Maltese words are spoken in the English language.

Bonju kif int= how are you. bżonn biex tmur fil-kamra tal-banju

Russia, St Petersburg 🇷🇺


Soviet Union/Russian Revolution

Grigori Rasputin.

To understand the true origins of the Soviet Union, you must understand what happened it the Russian Revolution. It all started at the beginning of the 1900's with a man named Grigori Rasputin. A very strange monk who believed sinning was the only way to get closer to god. Russia being run by monarchy at the time had a problem. The Queen's son was dying from an internal blood disease. Who with much coincidence was healed after a visit with Rasputin, leading him into a major position in parliament. Later in the peak of his power the war began, eventually Rasputin held full power in the war decisions, this lead to the death of millions of soldiers. After realising what he had done to Russia, Minsters had him killed to stop the fall of the monarchy.

Rasputin's affect on Russia had caused many angry because of the monarch bad decision. They would let this go on no longer, starting the Russian Revolution. Vladimir Lenin lead the revolution against the Czars (monarchy). The king was stripped of his position in and one year large The royal family was executed beginning the rain of communism

Joseph Stalin

When Vladimir Lenin died in 1924 an other member of the revolutionaries saw it as an opportunity to take power, his name was Josef Stalin. Becoming general secretary he had lots of power. To help with the food crisis he took large amounts of land from farmers, he then collected peasants to farm in some of the harashest places in Russia. 1 Million peasants died from starvation and overworking some even resorting to cannibalism. Children even having to work, most died.

Paranoid of assassination, Stalin would execute anyone he didn't like. After another ten years of millions of executions of innocent people, Russia was invaded. The peasants working hard labour were sent to the front to fight for Russia. If they return they would immediately be sent back to hard labour. He final passed away in 1953 from a stroke, never having to answer for his crimes.

Current affairs


To understand Russia involvement in Syria, you need to understand what exactly is going on now. There were two main sides. Assad or the Government and the Rebels. Shorty after that a the Kurds joined fighting for their stateless people. Then the a knew side emerged from the rebels, an independent group who believed in Muslim extremism and focused on killing Kurds.

Russia are helping the Government or Assad. Mainly focusing on Killing members of ISIS, though they are known for killing rebels and sometimes innocent people. They use bomb/missiles, sending troops and supplying guns and ammunition.

Mali, Bamako 🇲🇱

Culture and people

Many outsiders think of a stereotype with Mali being hopelessly poor with its terrible seasons and is useless with its economy. While Mali has enough gold and cotton to keep itself away from total poverty, corruption often keeps national income from going where it’s needed. The most popular sport is soccer, and basketball is also played.

Malians love to wear colourful flowing robes, called boubous. They have many festivals, dances and ceremonies. Dance plays a large role in their culture. Mali's traditions are passed mainly by word of mouth, by singing history off by heart.

90% of Malians are Muslim, 5% Christian, and the rest atheist. Surprisingly the country even has freedom of religion in its constitution.



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