The New World of AI Robots Logan Davis 2017

AI robots will change the world but first, we must learn the ins and outs of creating them. As the British robot engineer Kevin Warwick mentioned 20 years ago, "intelligence" is an inherently human concept. Robots will change the world in medical care, law enforcement, and our personal lives.

If a computer could use better than human intelligence to save people from dying in hospitals,they would replace all doctors.

Veronica Santos and Randell Hellman taught a robot to close a zip-lock bag with an algorithm called "reinforcement learning." This could help create a robot that could perform surgery on humans.

Crime won't be to much of a problem in the future. With AI police robots the future will have reduced crime rates.

“A police robot with better than human intelligence could also have superhuman senses (complete with x-ray vision) and a wireless connection to other police robots and to law enforcement databases all over the world.”

Have you ever had one of those days you wish that your life could be easier? Well in the near future of AI robots that wish may come true. AI robot factories and self-driving cars are just two of the possibilities that could come from AI Robotics.

Although AI cause wealth and leisure for the human race, however it might also cause us to feel entirely useless or challenged by AI robots and cause racism towards these robots.


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