Transcendental Pop Culture Project Maria Zamora

Non Conformity

“I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes…” Walden, Henry David Thoreau

Miley Cyrus doesn’t conform to society’s standards because she doesn’t care what people think of her,she just continues being herself.For example,in her music videos she goes all out,compared to regular comfort zones of most singers.

Miley Cyrus is an example of nonconformity,because she doesn't care what people think of her anymore. She once was an innocent person who was an actress on Hannah Montana and now she is rebelling against her old self. Her music videos went from being clean to now having a bad image. Many of her performances and music videos are disapproved by society. Thoreau once said," things do not change; we change". She went against society by changing her image and look. A great example of that is her change in songs and also looks, such as her hair and the way she dresses.Another great reasoning of her views and ways in non conformity is her say in sexuality.The elaboration on her sexuality — that she is attracted to all different kinds of people, regardless of their biological sex or gender identity — wasn't overwhelmingly dismissed as youthful experimentation. It isn't becoming a patronizing footnote in her personal reinvention.


“Live your life. Do your work. Then take your hat.” -“Conscience,” Henry David Thoreau
One Republic’s song “Good Life” talks about living life to the fullest and not let the bad things in life get to you.You have to trust what you think and not what other not so good examples are trying to get to you.I think the song 'Secrets" by One Republic fits Transcendentalism well too. Some of the lyrics are; "But I don't really like my flow, no, so Tell me what you want to hear Something that will light those ears Sick of all the insincere So I'm gonna give all my secrets away This time, don't need another perfect lie Don't care if critics ever jump in line I'm gonna give all my secrets away" These lyrics are saying to tell others what they want to hear and not to be yourself. Transcendentalism is about not meeting 'society's expectations'. Trying to fit in with everyone else is not being who you are, which is what this song explains. The lyrics also tell you that you shouldn't care if people criticize you, you should say what you want to say.

Importance of Nature

“In the woods we return to reason and faith. There I feel that nothing can befall me in life - no disgrace, no calamity…” “Nature” Ralph Waldo Emerson
Nature was extremely important to the Transcendentalist and they believed that it should be our teacher. Therefore they believed that spending alone time in nature played a big role in "finding yourself". Instead of going to church, transcendentalists would go spend time in nature by themselves to have alone time with God and develop a more personal relationship with Him. The movie, "Avatar" is a fantastic example of showing the importance of nature through pop culture. The avatar develops a connection to nature and becomes one with the flying pandora. This bond between the avatar and the pandora is also a spiritual connection as they can communicate without having to say anything. This shows the importance of nature because the avatar is able to become one with nature and use that connection to help him fight against the humans that are trying to take over the land belonging to the avatars. The movie Avatar also shows the importance of nature because throughout, they rely on nature for everyday survival and for fighting against the intruders. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "When nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it". This is a great quote for relating the importance of nature in transcendentalism to this movie because the avatars found their wisdom and strength to fight by becoming one with nature.

Favoring Intuition over Reason

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” -Walden, Henry David Thoreau
Steve Jobs pursued his dreams and his products have become household items.He was told he was crazy for thinking things like the ‘ipod’ or ‘ipad’ could actually exist/work.He proved them wrong by creating those ‘impossible’ pieces of technology.

Simplified Life

“That man is rich whose pleasures are the cheapest.” - “Journals 1856,” Henry David Thoreau
The Amish are a good example of simplified life,because they don’t believe in the use of new technology.They separate themselves from society and practice their religion & live away from the busy cities of Urban America.


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