Ellen Koch CAS Highlights

Currently, she has been the department head in the psychology department for a year, but has been part of EMU since 2003. Her background is in behavioral treatments for anxiety disorders. She is a clinical psychologist by training and helps people with different types of anxiety using behavioral based approaches, exposure, procedures, those kinds of things, to help them confront and overcome their anxiety. Something Dr. Koch has been working on, as part of her research, is using augmented reality to have people confront their fear in a way that's safe, and in a safe environment, but still still with enough changes that it does confront their anxiety. “They recognize that there's not a real spider there, but they can still have a physiological response to that anxiety because the cue is there that causes the fear for them. So we're working on controlling the amount of fear that people are experiencing. Until it dissipates and comes down on its own”, explained Dr. Koch. As a department head, her role was to support the faculty. Finding ways to communicate acquire, frequent information without overwhelming the faculty and staff was crucial. Dr. Koch also noted that there has been an increase of people that need mental health services, which are now being done via Zoom. “I've been excited about that as an option, because it opens up a lot of doors for people that live far from campus, but need treatment. Now they could receive treatment from somebody in our psychology clinic.” Thank you Dr Koch, for your amazing work and dedication! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS