Our Mission Responsive Workforce

The 2019-2023 Mission Support Action Plan demonstrates Mission Support’s commitment to fulfilling the objectives of the Coast Guard Strategic Plan by delivering enhanced Mission Support to improve responsiveness and customer service.

As Mission Support leadership looks ahead to the future, the organization will advance technologies to enable an active and mobile workforce; recruit, train and retain the leaders of the future; and fully support operational partners in all that they do.

Training Center Cape May

Mission Readiness begins with proper training, and, as featured by Business Insider Magazine in May, FORCECOM executed an expansive translation of courses from in-person to blended, virtual and online learning, continuing A-School, C-School, and accessions training in a pandemic environment. Dedicated investment in agile training programs via modernized and mobile systems, content, and delivery mechanisms, training and education throughout the human resources lifecycle continued uninterrupted during the pandemic.

More than 500 people behind the scenes at Training Center Cape May ensure the success of each recruit. Throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic, Training Center Cape May leadership enforced COVID-19 safety procedures and made recruits feel supported in the ever-changing environment.

Commandant Visits the CG Yard and SFLC

“The members who work at the Yard and Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC) Inventory Control Point, have sustained the fleet throughout the COVID-19 period and have demonstrated outstanding resiliency and commitment. SFLC is responsible for all engineering, logistics, maintenance, and related support for all cutters and boats in the Service. These men and women keep the Coast Guard running strong.” - ADML Karl Shultz

PCS Assist Team Overcomes Unique Challenges During Pandemic

In early April, Mission Support, via the Director of Operational Logistics (DOL), swiftly stood up the PCS Assist Team to ensure safe and efficient moves for Coast Guard members during the COVID-19 pandemic. At 60 members strong, the team was staffed entirely with reservists stationed at every Coast Guard base and two training centers. The team also leveraged a centralized service desk hosted by DOL’s Office of Personnel and Reserve Force Readiness (DOL-1). The PCS Assist Team successfully moved and provided support to over 400 members of the Coast Guard during a global pandemic ensuring the mission readiness of the Coast Guard workforce.

DOL Responds to Active Hurricane Season

In recent months, our nation experienced an exceptionally active hurricane season. The Director of Operational (DOL) and Base leadership and staff rose to the challenge and provided effective and efficient Mission Support to our operational partners and the entire Coast Guard family. Bravo Zulu!

New Medical Resources

The Coast Guard is executing the planning and implementation of the Electronic Health Record, piloting operations at the first four clinics in September of 2020. Thirteen billets were funded for uniformed mid-level mental health practitioners to address mental health needs and suicide prevention. Resources were allocated to the Sexual Assault Prevention, Response, and Recovery program, adding a program manager and 13 victim advocate specialists in FY21, and expanding our ability to prevent sexual assault, harassment, and other forms of violence throughout the Service. The Coast Guard Telehealth contract was recently awarded, which will further revolutionize the way we deliver health care in the Coast Guard, and the Reserve Health Readiness Program was improved.

Microsoft 365 Arrives at the Coast Guard

Mission Support improved information technology resiliency and quality of service across the Coast Guard, resulting in significantly improved cutter connectivity and software application quality of service for our crews. Terrestrial (land) network connectivity increased by a factor of 10. Most Sectors have eliminated routine network service disruptions through additional network back-up connections, and resiliency for network traffic traveling beyond the Coast Guard network to external military networks and the Internet was strengthened. This work paved the way for accessing commercial cloud applications including Microsoft 365, AUXDATA, and many new applications under development. One of the achievements most visible to the workforce was a 16 fold increase in telework capacity, providing safe and reliable remote access to the Coast Guard network during the COVID-19 global pandemic, now poised to support up to 40,000 concurrent remote/home users.

Standup of DOL-8 & DOL-9

The Director of Operational Logistics (DOL) recently established an Office of Procurement & Contracting (DOL-9) in May 2020 and an Office of Resource Management (DOL-8) in October 2020. The new offices align technical authority for field finance and contracting functions, brings services closer to the operational customer, and further improves DOL’s ability to integrate field mission support.

Career Advancement Through a New Civilian Mentorship Opportunity

The Coast Guard’s Civilian Career Management Team partnered with the Army’s Civilian Career Development Program in a mentorship program. The year-long program focuses on professional development and building senior leadership competencies. As a result, civilian employees will benefit from improved performance and career advancement and the Coast Guard will gain increases in productivity and retention of expert-level knowledge, ensuring future Coast Guard personnel readiness.

FORCECOM “#CGHowTo” Challenge

FORCECOM's “#CGHowTo” challenge leveraged a service-wide innovation challenge to crowd-source short “how-to” videos designed for use at the point of performance. Currently, the YouTube collection contains more than 100 videos offering guidance on a wide variety of topics. The videos provide information on daily operational tasks and best practices across all areas of the Coast Guard.

While Mission Support accomplished much in the past year to deliver customer focused mission support and build the Coast Guard of tomorrow, Mission Support leadership continues to set new objectives and goals in anticipation of operational needs in an increasingly complex and competitive strategic and technology environment.

To keep up to date on the latest in Mission Support please visit the newly launched MyCoastGuard website and stay tuned for a new Mission Support focused column titled “Magnifying Mission Support.”