Alexander the Great by: Hannah millican

Alexander the Great was born in 356 BCE. His mother was Queen Olympia and his father was King Philip of Macedonia. His father wasn't around all that much, therefore his mother practically raised him. Queen Olympia wasn't Macedonian, this caused problems with the people of Macedonia because some people thought Alexander didn't have a right to the throne since he wasn't full Macedonian.
Even though his father wasn't around that often, him and his mother both agreed that his education was important. They hired a philosopher named Aristotle to teach Alexander. Aristotle taught Alexander politics, sports, warfare, and other academic subjects. Alexander then began to think very high of himself.
King Philip was assassinated in 336 BCE, Alexander then inherited the throne of Macedonia at the age of 20. Because of Alexander's education some people believed he was fully qualified to rule Macedonia. Alexander's father left behind a very deadly and well trained army and Alexander wanted to use that to his advantage. Alexander had big plans and conquering land was his main one.
In no time Alexander began to invade Persia. He conquered it and took over the Persian kings throne. Alexander moved farther eastward, he led his troops across Central Asia. Alexander stationed garrison towns along the way. After conquering so much land and fighting so many battles, Alexander reluctantly turned back home after the Indus River Valley battle because his troops refused to carry on.
After 11 years of conquering land and fighting battle after battle, Alexander's health took a turn for the worse. In June of 323 BCE after a celebration feast Alexander fell ill, he died 10 days later. Alexander's legacy was extraordinary, his empire was the 2,000,000 sq. Miles at his death. Although his empire fell right after his death he still left behind a legacy no one will ever forget.

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