May-hmm! may 2021

During the month of May we had site visits, drawing submittals and revisions, property maintenance, waterline testings, surveying, fence repair, a board meeting and even some unexpected property happenings!

The Development and Construction team began looking at elevator systems for the parking garages. Shop drawings for Kone MonoSpace 300 elevators were submitted by Randall Companies to the rest of the development team on May 10 for review. CJ Building parking garage drawings are in process with some revisions that the team has made. A paper permit had been submitted to the City of Ocoee but the team will be submitting a revision in June to the City once the Development team approves the revisions.

Property maintenance began with Maine Street, the sales center site and the land behind the fence to be repaired. Herbicide was sprayed along the fenceline. Maintenance will continue on additional parcels, which includes the retention pond area, west of the sales center property and the construction site. Herbicide has been ordered for the construction site growth and will be applied in next week.

Earth Trades conducted as-built surveys of the construction site on several days. These surveys update construction documents to show the current conditions of the site and are submitted to Developer, City of Ocoee and Dept of Environmental Protection. Water lines were tested and inspected to make sure chlorine and pressure were still good; all passed the inspection. We also had some trees along Maine Street trimmed back as they had fallen on a power line, causing our construction trailer to lose power.

We had some unfortunate, but manageable incidents on-site during May. Our fence wrap that had been installed in April was found on the ground throughout several days. The decision to remove all the fence wrap was made to prepare for fence repairs, which includes pulling some posts up and stretching the chainlink taught so that the fence wrap would be able to lay straight. Portions of the fence wrap were wavy and didn't show well. All will be re-installed as soon as the fence has all of its repairs. While the fence wrap was up, we saw an increase in interest for residences and also had project inquiries from people who saw the fence wrap while leaving Racetrack. We look forward to getting that wrap back up!!

The fence contractor arrived on-site to repair the fence starting with the portion behind Racetrack (where the fence wrap had been installed) but when they arrived in the early morning, they found 300' of downed chain-link at arrival! As CCWO staff arrived on-site, residents from the apartment complex next door informed us that the night before a semi-truck attempted to turn around at our gate and hooked its trailer to our fence while doing so, pulling the fence down and 300' of the chainlink from the posts. The contractor hung as much of the fallen fence they could. Due to this situation, a decision to secure the bases of the fence poles was made in addition to what was originally planned. New chainlink, poles and bases are on order and will be installed soon.

Investors visited the site with the Developer of City Center West Orange. We hear it was a positive site visit.

The Community Development Board met at the end of the month to vote on next fiscal year's budget. Everything was passed by the our board members.