Durable Goods Apple Macbook

  • Description: Apples latest MacBook is light and compact, whilst still providing the full experience and display. The Mac Book is 13.1 mm thin, 920 g light and has a 12 inch retina display. The battery life also lasts 10 hours. The MacBook comes in a range of colours, including gold, rose gold, silver and grey. The MacBook also offers the use of Siri, a range of apps and in-built software and also the latest wireless technology, allowing you to connect, wherever you are.
MacBook Colours: Rose gold, gold, space grey and silver
MacBook, Space Grey
  • What affected my choice? This product was reasonably priced, it had an attractive appearance, received good reviews and was well marketed on the apple website. The product has features which I am looking for such as long battery life, light weight, appealing colours, great screen quality , readily available product support at the apple store (Genius Bar) and in house product training. Over and above that, Apple are most generous with regard to product warranty. From past experience, numerous friends and family members have had warranty claims honoured. In some cases, even when well and truly outside of warranty guidelines. There were clear descriptions of capabilities and clear images and also a feature called 360 degree view, allowing you to see all aspects of the computer. I like the fact that all apple products synchronise well with each other. Therefore, I will be able to link my apple phone and other apple products with my laptop. Apple also offer student pricing, so I will be able to purchase the good for a cheaper price. Finally, there was an overwhelming number of five star reviews on the JB HI-Fi website.
  • Where will I buy it? I will buy the MacBook at the Apple store in Chatswood, opposed to online, as it is easy to get to and I can be served by a real person that can explain how to use it and its features. With buying things online and having them ordered to your home, they can sometimes get lost or damaged. Purchasing at the store also means that I will be able to see if it good quality. I would also prefer paying in-store instead of making a payment online. As it is an expensive purchase, I may feel safer knowing that my money is going directly to the store with an immediate receipt of the good.

Payment methods: Credit Card or EFTPOS.

Credit Card

  • Advantages of using a credit card: Convenient, quick and easy, card benefits
  • Disadvantages of using a Credit Card: Charges large amounts of interest, encourages you to spend more money and money that you don't have, and the risk of credit card fraud (stealing the actual card or the card number).


  • Advantages of using EFTPOS: Low risk of theft, fast to process, easy, proof of payment, funds transfer at point of sale.
  • Disadvantages of using EFTPOS: Service Fees, transaction costs, possible technical problems

Final Method of Payment: To pay for the good, I will use EFTPOS as their is a low risk of theft, you can get proof of payment, your money goes directly to the store and generally lower processing fees than credit card.

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