Wizard of oz Dixie


Dorothy rpessents the American citiziens becuse they realize what needs to change

The tin man

The tin man represents the American industrial worker that have be treated like just another piece of machinery by the rich and powerful employers


The sarcrecrow represents the the American farmer was often portraed

The cowardly lion

The cowardly lion

The cowardly lion was William Jennings Bryan a democratic running for president for his refusal support to the Americans decision to go to war with Spain

The monkeys

The monkeys mean the Baums portrayal

The yellow brick road

The yellow brick road is the gold that what made a issue for big businessmen

The wicked which of the east

The wicked which of the east is the stand in the Wall Street

The land of OZ

The allegory metaphor

The munchkins

The munchkins represent the poor citizens in the United States, but they are powerful and culess to the change


Rpresents the condistions after the Great Depression


Toto rpesents the avrage Americans


The people from Wyoming, California, Texas, and New York coming together

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