My Podcast "Just keep going no one is pay Attention to your mistakes" - michael Saracini

|All about me|

Welcome of my podcast, my name is Michael Fiscal as student at freedom middle school, Berwyn, IL, I am fourteen years. The things I like to do is playing videos games and also i like to play basketball and softball. My favorite subjects in school are writing and art, why? Well because writing and art makes me explain more feeling and my thoughts . Sports are everything to me as a kid has a parent school is everything to you're kid and to my parents that's everything.


This podcast will explain about how the holocaust started and what happened during it, don't believe me? Click the podcast button below.

StEve Jobs: One big dream

What today podcast is about is? It's about how Steve jobs changed the world and if he was a robber barons or captain of industy how was he one of those things.

World War One

Wanna know more about World War One? Here check this out!!

This explains what M.A.I.N. is, in a poem!

This explain how World War One started and the causes and the affects of it.

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Michael Fiscal


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