Let's Take a Journey Religions, Architecture, and More

The Ka'ba

My first stop was the Ka'ba, which is considered to be the holiest of sights in the Islamic religion. It was fascinating. It was a big shrine in the center of an arena that was beautifully designed and crafted to house a black stone. The Ka'ba as directed by Muhammed is where all muslims must make a pilgrimage(if they are able too), and also is the direction in which all Muslims should pray. t was very interesting to see the swath of people all lined up around a room with a black stone in it, but also very interesting to see that faith played such an important role in the life of a Muslim.

Cave Number 7

My second stop was the Bhaja Caves, which are the oldest Buddhist caves in the entire world! The tour was very creepy considering we were underground in 2000 year old caves! However the caves were complete with ornate carvings and beautiful cave paintings. The best part was when we went through cave number 7 which was adorned with old rusted horseshoe arcs that held up the walls. Also there were engravings lining the wall that told the story of the death of Buddha.


My third stop was the city Ayodhya, Faizabad which is one of the seven holy cities of India. That was so amazingly engineered. From its beautiful architecture to its natural color schemes. The city was the birthplace of Lord Rama and attracts million of tourists, such as myself. The city was founded by Manu, who is the first man in the Hindu faith, and the signs of Hinduism were evident in the engravings and also in the crowds of people flocking around the city.

St. Peters Basilica

My fourth stop was the Vatican city specifically St. Peter's Basilica which is a model for all the other Roman Catholic churches around the world, and funds the missions that occur quite frequently around the U.S. It was amazing, the architecture was beautiful, and never was there a boring moment. We toured around the church and St. Peters square was breathtaking. The architecture is much like the churches in America considering St. Peter's Basilica was the model for all roman catholic churches.

The Western Wall

My fifth and final stop was the Western wall in Jerusalem, which is a very holy and significant part of Israel as well as the Jewish culture. The western wall is located in Jerusalem, and is in fact not the side of the second temple of Jerusalem, but a separate wall that surrounded the Temple mount. The landscape around the wall all added to the illusion of being inside and around the original second temple. And I also left my mark in Israel by writing a prayer in hebrew and putting it in between the bricks in the wall as is custom when visiting the wall.


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