The little droplet ALIA daniels

This is Bob he lived in the ocean for ten years. He knows almost everyone in the neighborhood.

One day bob asked "Mom can we move"

His mom politely told him "No, but in 100 more years we can." bob didn't want to move in 100 years.

That night bob started to fly, bob thought oh no! I'm evaporating

Bob evaporated all the way to the clouds, it was so fluffy like Cotten candy he turned into one (condensation).When he got to the top he met a cloud named Kendra "hi how are you? Are you new?"

"Slow down and yes I am new, I'm doing fine." Before he was able to say something else he started falling. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"


Bob started falling down from the clouds. He had landed in a little pond. He was laying in the pond for a while till it went dark, a deer had swallowed him.

He was so scared he just closed his eyes.When he opened his eyes he saw that he was on the ground.

Bob did not have a chance to look around because all of a sudden had he got sucked up. He was in a plant!

Bob was in a plant he had been there for a month. One morning bob got shot up to the top of the flower and got transpareated up to the clouds.

Bob was so happy he was going home. He started raining down on the mountain and then slid down as fast as a jet plane (surface runoff) to the ocean.

Bob safely made it to the ocean.

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