My Art Journey By: Gianna Jergovic

I took intro art because I always loved art, and I want to get better in art too. I also love drawing things that I see in nature down to keep it forever. One day in life I want to become a fashion designer and I think I can learn color and technique in art. I want to get better at drawing nature and using colors. Then when I get better I can combine interesting color with fashion.

I learned a lot from Lights and Shadows because I know that if I ran out of colors to draw I can use lights and shadows for that painting. I also learned lights and shadows can show emotions in the painting. Lights and shadow add so much in a painting, like you can have a darker color when the light is not shining on it and lighter color when light is shining on it.

My art has improved by not knowing how to draw contour line (outline edges). To drawing negative space and getting better at not looking at the positive spaces. Then to comparing proportions and getting the measurements right for objects.

Chiaroscuro means using lights and darkness to give the allusion of space.

My profile has improved with proportion. How big and small our eyes, nose, mouth, and etc.. is. I am not using symbols anymore for the nose and eyes. My profiles actually look like me and not a a person that doesn't look like me.
I wish I had more time in this art piece because I wish I can finish my hair and change my proportion for my ear and notes. I wish that I can put more charcoal on my crest shadow and erase a couple spot of my dark shadows. My nose doesn't looked right or my ears, so I wish I can fix it to make it look more realistic.

Second Semester

I learn a lot form relief printing this semester. I learn that when you carve some thing put the raise part prints and the parts you cut out doesn't. I learned that you can keep make a new art piece by cutting out the piece you already designed. I also learned that you can print with many different kinds of color on the same art piece.

I learned that when you combine a complementary colors together you make poop colors, but it you just combine a little bit of complementary color wth another complementary you make a tone. When you blend anaglous colors next to each other you they blend together perfectly and it makes your art piece beautiful. I also learned that gradation is a good technique for an art piece too, because you can show how dark one thing is from another part of the art piece.
I feel like I have mastered water color and how to make a wonder painting for water colors. What colors to combine, so that I don't make an ugly art piece because I combine the wrote color. I also learn many different kinds of techniques for water color. I feel like I have not mastered chalk pastel yet because my piece for chalk pastel doesn't look like 3D. I can't master how to make the right color for a certain thing with chalk pastel yet.
My color using technique has been improving since last semester. I learned that some colors you can't put together to much because it makes the painting look ugly or sometime you will mess up the colors. I also improved on how to fix my problem. The first semester I didn't know what to do when I combine two colors that make poop, so I just keep adding the same color and it made it worse. That I know that some colors can't mix together. Now when I make a mistake I will not keep putting on colors I will just stop and let it dry and put a different color lay on the next day.

I discovered that I can do a lot of different kinds of art that I would never thought that I could do. Art has become a part of who I am. I learned that no matter where you are at you can draw what ever you what to draw if you have a writing utensil. You can combine different styles of art together to make a wonderful art piece for you house. The most important thing that I discover is that I am a pretty good artist.

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