My Art Journey By: Gianna Jergovic

I took intro art because I always loved art, and I want to get better in art too. I also love drawing things that I see in nature down to keep it forever. One day in life I want to become a fashion designer and I think I can learn color and technique in art. I want to get better at drawing nature and using colors. Then when I get better I can combine interesting color with fashion.

I learned a lot from Lights and Shadows because I know that if I ran out of colors to draw I can use lights and shadows for that painting. I also learned lights and shadows can show emotions in the painting. Lights and shadow add so much in a painting, like you can have a darker color when the light is not shining on it and lighter color when light is shining on it.

My art has improved by not knowing how to draw contour line (outline edges). To drawing negative space and getting better at not looking at the positive spaces. Then to comparing proportions and getting the measurements right for objects.

Chiaroscuro means using lights and darkness to give the allusion of space.

My profile has improved with proportion. How big and small our eyes, nose, mouth, and etc.. is. I am not using symbols anymore for the nose and eyes. My profiles actually look like me and not a a person that doesn't look like me.
I wish I had more time in this art piece because I wish I can finish my hair and change my proportion for my ear and notes. I wish that I can put more charcoal on my crest shadow and erase a couple spot of my dark shadows. My nose doesn't looked right or my ears, so I wish I can fix it to make it look more realistic.

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