Future Forces By Nikola Bajcetic

A magnet is an object that creates a magnetic field.
Most metals are not attracted to magnets, these include copper, silver, gold, magnesium, platinum, aluminium and many more.
A maglev uses magnets as wheels and levitates because the tracks are made of the same pole of the magnet wheels.
You could have the same thing with cars like making the roads out of one hemisphere of a magnet and the wheels could be made out of the same hemisphere of the magnet so it could float.
We could also have it for skateboards, bikes and scooters. Even the sidewalks could be made out of magnets.
Air powered vehicles could also work but that's very situational because those types of vehicles are very dependent on the weather.
Solar powered vehicles or machines could work but it's also dependant on the weather


Created with images by Marcin Wichary - "“The magnetic levitation goes here.”" • ben_osteen - "Magnetic fields around a series of Neodymium magnets" • Hubble Space Telescope / ESA - "LHA 120-N11 in the Large Magellanic Cloud" • Jason Riedy - "Maglev!" • eperales - "Flying Henning" • Paleontour - "I believe I can fly" • www.twin-loc.fr - "https://www.twin-loc.fr SECMA F16 - Circuit de Clastres le 10 mai 2014 - Image Picture Photo" • USACE HQ - "Army Corps of Engineers and Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore work toward a cleaner Baltimore Harbor" • ~Brenda-Starr~ - "Space"

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