Hinduism By: Jacob and AleX

Hinduism is one of the oldest still existing religions. This religion originated in Ancient India. The religion got its start when Aryans arrived in Northern India and their religion mixed with the native Indian's. Later it became know as Vedism . Vedism was based off of Sanskrit which were sacred writings called the Vedas. This was a early form of Hinduism. Hinduism has five basic beliefs, Brahman, Dharma, Karma, Deities, and Samsara.

Brahman is the supreme power in Hindu religion. He is known to exist forever and is known to be everyone and everything. Brahman constantly creates, destroys, and rebuilds the universe. Many magnificent temples are built in the name of Brahman and other Deities. All of the Deities are the many faces of Brahman.

Deities are all a quality of Brahman. Some famous deities, are Vishnu, Indra, Brahma, Devi, and Shiva. These different deities each control a part of the universe. A Deity's appearance shows certain character traits, like extra arms which represents strength, extra eyes means they can see events from great distances and so on. Ramayana is compilation of famous stories about deities and their famous battles against or for evil. Deities play a huge role in the Hindu religion.

Dharma is another basic belief of Hinduism. Dharma stands for law, obligation, and duty. To follow a persons Dharma they have to maintain their duties and live as one should live. Also to follow ones Dharma they have to be non violent people that oblige by the law. Dharma is one main belief that Hindu people live by.

Along with Dharma there is another main belief in the Hindu religion which is karma. Karma governs ones soul after death and determines their next life. The law of karma meant that the universe is just or all right. If you did good deeds in your past life you may be reincarnated into a higher varna or class, but if you perform bad or cruel deeds in your past life there is a chance you will be reincarnated into a lower class like the untouchables. The few classes, going from highest to lowest are, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras, and Untouchables. As you can see karma is a key aspect of Hindu religion.

A final important aspect of Hindu life is Samsara. Samsara is the cycle of birth, death, and then rebirth. People escape this cycle by following the basic Hindu beliefs throughout all of their lifetimes lived. To get out of Samsara they try to connect with Brahman by going on pilgrimages which are holy journeys. One would try to get out of SamSara to be reunited with Brahman. Overall, Samsara the final key part of Hindu religion.

To conclude, Hinduism has many beliefs but the main beliefs are Brahman, Deities, Dharma, Karma, and Samsara. All of these beliefs affect Hindu lives every single day.


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