Mongolia and Taiwan By madelynn and jenna

History of Mongolia:

In 1912, they declared their independence from China

From 1919-1961, Mongolia was invaded by China, Russia, and Japan

In 1990, the first multi party election was held in Mongolia

History of Taiwan:

In 1911, there was a civil war between the nationalists and communists of China, they were fighting over the independence of Taiwan.

In 1947, the government killed over 20,000 Taiwan people because the government needed to suppress the rebellion - The White Terror

In 1951, Japan claimed Taiwan. China transferred the political institution of China to Taiwan. Japan then backed away

In 1990, Taiwan gained their independence from China.

Mongolia Culture:

Well known for their nomadic traditions, which is still practiced today.

One routine is raising five types of stock, goat, sheep, cattle, camel, horse

Mongolian people are usually Shamanism. Believe the skies are the father and the earth is the mother. Prayed that ancestors turned into mythical spiritual animals.

Buddhism and Muslim are another religious beliefs.

Tiawan's Culture:

Mix of Chinese and Japanese culture. They have great hospitality, always bring a gift, and remove your shoes when walking in.

Don't point out people's mistakes either

When Taiwan people are upset or nervous they will smile or giggle nervously, you are then suppose to smile back

Mongolia daily life:

Mongolian Ger - most common houses, portable, so they can move back to culture. Furnished and easy to set up. Live in tribes not towns

Kids do puzzles, archery, horse racing, wrestling, and guessing games for fun. Always played games with bones.

Enter primary school at the age of 6. Secondary schools have two cycles - lower secondary - 6-9, upper secondary - 10-11. Primary and secondary school is free. School leaving certificate is awarded in grade 11. Primary school is 34 weeks long, lower secondary is 35 weeks, and upper secondary 36 weeks.

Taiwan daily life:

Multiple restaurants, karaoke bars, high class malls, very modern things. Multiple festivals throughout the year. Hiking, diving/snorkeling, soaking in hot mineral springs are some of their activities. Basketball and baseball are some sports they also do.

Schooling: 6 years primary school, 3 years junior high, 3 years senior secondary school. College - 4-7, then 1-4 for masters, 2-7 doctoral

Mongolia Economy:

Democracy; increasing school enrollments means declines in child and maternal mortality;

Taiwans economy

5th largest; far ahead in world, lots of large building and skyscrapers

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