Central Dispatch CGEMC Newsletter | October 2020

Connected by more than power lines

Every October, we look forward to celebrating National Cooperative Month. We reflect on the cooperative principles that guide us. We share the cooperative story with our members. And we typically take an afternoon to come together in fellowship.

This is the first time in recent years that our cooperative team is unable to gather in one location. This necessary separation in the workplace, combined with our modified daily operating processes, helps to safeguard the reliability of your power supply. These measures ensure that we can best serve our members.

CGEMC has always been more than a utility company. We are friends, neighbors, and a tight-knit cooperative family. Our commitment to each other, our members, and our community remains as strong as ever.

Through this pandemic and beyond, we will continue to do everything in our power to deliver reliable electricity, serve our members, and enrich our communities. Because even when we are apart, we are all together.

Director J.O. Colwell Retires

CGEMC Director J.O. Colwell has retired after serving the cooperative for 46 years. Mr. Colwell joined the CGEMC Board on December 19, 1973.

Just look at how the Co-op has grown in those 46 years! In the 1973 Annual Report, we reported 12,173 meters on our system. As of 2019, we reported 59,276 meters served. That's an increase of 47,103 meters served, or 387%, during Mr. Colwell's term!

Thank you for your service to Central Georgia EMC, Mr. Colwell! We wish you all the best in retirement.

Rod mangham joins board of directors

We are excited to introduce our newest Director, Rod Mangham. Per the CGEMC bylaw provision on board vacancies, the Board of Directors appointed Mr. Mangham to serve out the Butts County directorate district's unexpired term.

Mr. Mangham lives in Butts County with his wife, Hope, and children, Madison and Mason. He is a longtime Business Development Manager for Yellowstone Landscape and brings a working knowledge of operations management and sales to our board. We congratulate Mr. Mangham on his appointment and welcome him to the Central Georgia EMC family.

Take the bite out of energy vampires

Vampires could be lurking in your home, and they are out to drain your wallet!

Energy vampires — devices that are sucking power even when they appear to be off— cost Americans almost $10 billion a year and account for nearly 12 percent of all U.S. energy use, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Most households have cellphones, tablets, and other devices that require special chargers. Even when you unplug your device, you might be surprised to learn that those chargers continue to draw power when plugged into an outlet. Solution: Unplug chargers when not in use.

Television set-top boxes, DVRs, and other entertainment components consume energy even when the TV is off . Solution: Slay this energy vampire with "smart" power strips. These look like standard power strips, but they have one master outlet and allow you to control all the connected devices at once.

Did you know the typical gaming console can use as much energy as a refrigerator, even when it's not in use? Solution: Disable those automatic updates, the most significant source of gaming system energy drain.

With just a few changes, you can take the bite out of energy vampires! Visit cgemc.com and energy.gov for additional suggestions and energy-saving advice.

Looking for a smart home device? PEV charger? DIY energy efficiency products? Visit the CGEMC Amazon Store and shop our suggested products.

co-op kids

Our mini members make the BEST energy explorers! We have downloadable resources that are fun and free!

Ever wonder where utility poles come from? Check out this video!

Hurricane sally

Cooperation among Cooperatives is one of our guiding principles. When Hurricane Sally devastated a near-by co-op, CGEMC was on the way to lend a hand!

Baldwin EMC, the largest EMC in southwestern Alabama, serves over 80,000 meters. At the peak of their outages, around 95% of their system was without power, and 17 of their 22 substations were down. They needed help!

In response, 92 cooperatives from across the country, including CGEMC, deployed 1,700 lineworkers and cooperative employees to lend their aid. CGEMC is proud to have dedicated crews who are passionate about helping whenever needed. #CoopStrong

Great customer service makes strong connections

While CGEMC is an electricity provider, the most important connections we make are directly with our members. Our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are often the first point of contact when establishing service. They are a team committed to making that first connection an excellent experience for all customers, our members. We asked a few of our team members to share what customer service means to them.

Customer service is making sure our members are heard and feel supported. I want to make sure that I exceed their expectations not only in simple calls but problem-solving situations as well. - Kay
Exceptional customer service means going above and beyond the members' expectations. I take the time to listen and understand members' concerns, and I do my best to help them. - Ashley
Customer service means providing top-of-the line service at all times and keeping our members happy. - Natasha
Excellent customer service means offering our members a personalized experience so great that they know we have their best interests at heart. Loyalty to the member comes first. - Kesia
The keys to customer satisfaction are listening, courtesy, and taking the time needed to resolve any concerns with one call. - Sherrie

Go Green with Cooperative Solar!

Did you hear the great news? We've expanded our Cooperative Solar program to include solar fields across the state. This growth comes with an increase in capacity, enhanced performance reliability, and no waiting list!

Commit to a smaller carbon footprint in 2020 without installing or maintaining any equipment. Call 770-775-7857 or 1-800-222-4877 to learn more about adding solar energy to your monthly energy mix.

In August, the Central Georgia EMC Foundation awarded $12,900 in grants to charitable organizations in our territory.

Spotlight on Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary received a grant for $5,000 from the Central Georgia EMC Foundation to install educational signage for their Animal Awareness Campaign.

This innovative campaign will educate visitors about the importance of environmental stewardship and responsible pet ownership by providing comprehensive explanations of the animals, how they came to Noah's Ark, and information about their species in the wild. Noah's Ark is passionate about educating visitors about the "cub petting" trade and its adverse effects on wildlife.

The signs will include a variety of scavenger hunts for use during self-guided tours. Educators will also have access to signage-associated curriculum, created with Georgia State and Next Generation Science standards, including worksheets, field trip materials, and exclusive behind-the-scenes video content.

Qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations in our service territory are invited to submit an application to the Central Georgia EMC Foundation.

Through Operation Round Up, our members support local organizations with a mission to make our communities even better places to live, work, and dream big. By simply rounding up your monthly electric bill to the next dollar, you can join in! Our pennies add up to make BIG CHANGE!

Co-op Connections Card

Get ready for Fall with our local Co-op Connections partners!

AirTekk Comfort Solutions - 20% off any service; $450 off qualifying high-efficiency heat pumps. 404-550-1582.

EnergyWise Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC - 10% discount on any service repair. 706-468-9742.

Head Heating & Air Conditioning - 10% discount on repairs; free estimates on equipment replacement. 478-992-0044.

Jackson Heating & Cooling - $50 off any Big Green Egg package. 770-775-5262.

Lewis & Malone Heating and Air - 10% off first service call; 10% off Gold Warranty Plan. New customers only. 706-468-0627.

Meeks Heating & Air - $49 service call special. 770-227-5753.

Nail Heating & Air Conditioning - 10% off services; $150 off new systems. 770-946-8088.

Phillips Heating & Air - 10% off services; 5% off equipment. 770-880-9932.

*Deals are subject to change.

Are you a local business who would like to be included in Co-op Connections? Click the link below. It is simple and free!

ENERGY savings TIPs

Energy tip

The average household owns 24 electronic products, which account for roughly 12% of home energy use. When shopping for electronics, consider purchasing ENERGY STAR®-certified products, which can be 70% more efficient than conventional models. - energy.gov

We love a great energy saving resource, and it's hard to beat Find 101 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money. Download your free copy.

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