Premiere Pro Adobe Edex 1/2018 - Another Try

First Class

I love color and i really enjoyed the first class and full wih ideas i opened Premier Pro and all my ideas are gone cause to technical issues. I followed the video instructions and could get a sequence started. Also to add text thanks to the good explanations wasn t so hard and i like the Text Interface with all possibilties i know from Indesign.

Then i wanted to save my project and all was gone. I started again and opened the folder and found there many files double and when opening they are even sequences. One big mess... So i erased all and again made the folder for the project. This time the Project size was to small and the pics to big and i couldn't find where to change size.

So third try and this time i did manage to get the minimum we were asked. I did my clip from Images i choosed from Pixabay and edited in Indesign (Yes Indesign not Photoshop- many things you can do in Photoshop are much easier in Indesign) with effects and color overlay. I choose green and took one color and did different saturation.

This is my 15 seconds clip i just loaded it on spark as a singel videofile i got from Premiere Pro without editing in Spark. I feel more comfortable to publish through Adobe chosing not to get noticed then in You tube or Vimeo. And as a designer i cant publish my very unprofessional videos on an open platform. But i think Spark does reduce file size a lot and the writing becomes blurry, the pics less sharp and the size is different then the one i choose (1920X1080). And i don t like the overlay in the beginning... but its really easy to upload a video if its less then 32 seconds.

For me Premiere Pro is a big monster like Illustrator there is so much to learn and so many options. I hope after this course to understand better to find and create things in Premiere pro and creating videos from images is really great!

Second Class

After the really encouraging life classes and guest speakers i decided to make this Project about something i love and just for fun. And it was fun! I skipped filming and took some footage from Pixabay free Video clips and some from our biking- the last clip is from a tour i did with two people from switzerland in our desert. Its their clip but i am allowed to use it.

This is my clip 20 sec

In the end i loaded the video up to Vimeo. See here how much the quality is different Spark makes it pixelated... And in Vimeo i can choose the thumbnail for the clip. But i don t understand why there is all the black in the end. How can i control this and just end the video when its ended with content?

"I love CC- Cross Coutry- Creative Cloud- Creative Commons"

Any step took a lot of time but i discovered a lot while searching. I love to play with the transitions and did it for hours and tried to find for each clip one that fits. The audio was easy to add but i am not a music fan and tried to look for something that may fit i searched here for sounds more then for music. I had more problems to find the audio effects and to apply them.

I wanted to add to the text becoming smaller and didn't find how to do this, i added only CC as the subject for all the clip i left it in the corner and blurred in and out. I need to watch Marcs Video again he explained there very good about text effects and all look so simple but when you need to do it yourself all is very complicate and hard to redo. But even if Premiere is hard to learn Illustrator is still harder...

I will not use Video in class because i am not teaching but i can use it to edit clips for our community and i like the editing may be once i will like to film as well.

Thanks for this really good explained course that finally starts to let me feel familiar with Premiere pro.

Third class

As it is hard enough for me to get used to Premiere Pro i did use parts of the files we got , i never made a video and to learn this as well is to much for this time. I took the advice from the very good guest speaker in the Australian class to make the clip first out of audios, so i choosed the audio and found like this the videos to add. I added a knock knock sound from a free Platform for sounds . In the end is was so boring and not funny what i did so i took the converted exported clip and put it again in much higher speed and i like this as an end and the sound becomes funny. Would like to know how to adjust the speed to make it smoother as well as the growing glass in the first slide. All default transitions are much to rough and it would be nice to have some effects like ease in and out etc....

I think Premieere Pro is a great tool and its fun to get to know it. I am sure kids understand faster then us how to use all the tools and even while not knowing a lot its fun to play around. I think its very important to encourage kids to play and not to make a perfect movie, i believe some things you just get to know while playing.

Fourth Class

This class was the hardest, it took me time to understand the kind of cut i should use. I took the provided footage i love the face expressions and the door lock but i couldn t find a story and the purse etc didn' t speak to me, so i searched for some additional free footage on pixabay and thought of making a kind of dream he sees when opening the door. I did use a video from a Galaxy two with snowflakes and one from locusts that all there look quit similar and i added a music i found for free use. I tried to get close ups connected with big rooms and connecting with transitions. I found the add disolve better then the cross disolve. There is so many possibilties and i started to like to play around. I know this clip is far from being perfect but i found a story and i think the story behind a clip is the most important part and if i will arrive one day to get my stories done technically perfect i will be glad. Still miss a lot but this course helps me to get used and to feel more home in PP. The audio is very difficult to adjust and i would like to go deeper into this.

This is my clip called Metamorphosis:

Don' t open the door! galaxy-turns to snow turns to locusts

Fifth Class

This project was really hard for me i don t have a mikrophone and teaching video witout voice is boring i always skip mute videos. So i decided to make a video from all life classes from several video courses i took i searched for parts that reflect for me the tutors and the emotions and learning and character of all the course. I searched a long time parts and it was always fare to long, it was hard to shorten but i know how much the tutors have to watch and long videos are not adding to their comfort. Finally i got a 30 second one. I did use a screenrecorder to take clips from live classes and i could get the audio as well. I placed titles but i used the Premiere Pro effects just couldn t learn also After effects...I played with some transitions all is very ruff but i get used to all the possibilities, I added a lesson from Mark with one sentence audio and a really speed up clip that shows that he does in each lesson learning material for several lessons- i really love that and even when watching many times always there is something new. I tried to get some human moments that i love in the live classes : The dealing with technical issues and Gregs and Sjaanis presence and helping with anything. And dogs and children... the dogs i couldn t find but i remember in Kellys lessons that there were dogs some times.

Final Reflection

I want to thank the tutors and helpers in this course its the first one i did until the end and i need some other ones until Premiere Pro will become familiar to me like Photoshop and Indesign. Welcome to Freddie as a new helper! I tried the german Videocourse as well but i missed Greg and Sjaani and it was hard to me to get around with the german words in PP mine is in English and even if german is my native language i don t find in german what is in english. But i really think its great to make the german Adobe EDEX as well constructed as the english one!

I learned how to edit on the timeline to take part of clips to adjust video and audio to use effects and i learned about video in general. I think using PP in class will be much fun for all students and teaching in a way that is challenging but not to hard and not to easy is important. I really like the live classes they add a lot and i think in a flipped classroom mixing contact and digital media this way of teaching would help a lot. I am not a teacher so i watch all as a student and write my reflection out of the viewpoint of a learner. Waiting for the next one. May be the clip i did for class 5 reflects how and what i have learned.

Thank You!!!

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Susanne Tamir



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