The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Old Spice Body Wash

Old Spice's advertising campaign seems to portray a sexist image of men, for women to buy this body wash for the man in their life. The various commercials that Old Spice has produced typically portray a shirtless muscular man talking about his "manliness" which he has acquired because he uses Old Spice.

These commercials appear to cast an attractive man that tells the audience that if they were to use this body wash then they too could look and be a man like this actor. "The man your man could smell like" is a tagline added in one of the commercials that implies the audience of these commercials are actually women and not men.

Old Spice understands that women are more likely to be purchasing these body washes for the men in their lives; therefore they are marketing the the body wash to women first, while simultaneously marketing to men.

The general idea the commercials are trying to convey are that if a man uses Old Spice body wash they will have the appearance and the look of the man in the commercial. However the tagline that is attached to the product is implying that you need to buy this product for the man in your life. What can be concluded from these commercials is that Old Spice is playing into the sexist stereotypes of both males and females.

Old Spice is promoting their product as if it will provide the user with the ideal male body. At the same time Old Spice is using the stereotypical idea that women are doing all of the household shopping, so Old Spice is attempting to take advantage of this idea by marketing to women with a shirtless man telling them what they need to buy for their man.

After watching this series of commercials Old Spice has produced, you have to ask yourself are they even trying to sell the body wash or are they just trying to sell masculinity?

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