Cast of moana

Moana - Main character : When her grandmother dies, and her island fades away she has no choice, but to run. On a voyage of her own, she learns new skills, but will it be enough to escape the same curse that took her grandmother's life?

Maui - A friend of Moana's, he protects her and teaches her new skills. Their friendship grows throughout the movie, but is soon toyed with by the curse.

Kakamora - Bounty hunters possessed by the curse, they hunt down anything and everything. Though, at first they might seem like cute coconuts, they are soon overturned with a prey drive to kill.

Tamatoa - As a gold hoarder, he is willing to kill for riches. Now from the curse, he is a trophy collector of not gold or riches, but people. A huge serial killer now scavenges to hunt down his most valuable trophy, Moana.

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