St Mary's College NEWSLETTER TERM 2 2020, ISSUE 2


The last two weeks at St Mary’s College has seen our return to face to face teaching and the return of most of our students to learning on campus. It has been so amazing to have the students back with us and to once again have both primary and secondary campus’ full of the buzz of children learning and at play.

Our focus presently is reintroducing our students to all things St Mary’s and re-establishing routines and expectations. Our student leaders in both primary and secondary have been doing a fabulous job of reminding students of what it means to live our College expectations of Being Kind, Being Responsible, Being Respectful and Being our Best. The students are doing a great job getting back into their routines and settling down to their learning which has been wonderful to see. This week we have been able to reintroduce co-curricular activities across the College including Art Club (primary), Choir (Primary and secondary), Homework club (secondary) and Follow the Dream (secondary). The reintroduction of these important co-curricular help us to take another step forward to returning to usual school routine.

Our Senior students have been fabulous in getting back to their learning and are well on their way in their preparation for their semester 1 exams. Despite all the challenges of remote learning our students have demonstrated fantastic resilience and willingness to work with their teachers to keep on top of their studies. We are very proud of them and wish our ATAR Year 11 and 12 students all the very best next week.

To help us review our remote learning please be aware we will be sending out a short survey early next week to try and capture the experience at home for parents and students. This is important data to collect in order to help us work out what went well and what the challenges were just in case we need to do this again. I would really appreciate parents taking the time just to feed that back to us.

At present we are still unable to host assemblies and whole College masses. This has been quite problematic, so we got creative this week with two virtual events. This Wednesday morning, we had our first virtual assembly on secondary. This involved hosting the assembly in the H&T room and broadcasting via teams into homerooms where students and staff watched on the TV screens in each room. This allowed us to present SRC badges to our secondary leaders 7-11, certificates of excellence from Term 1 and for myself, Ms Lea, Ms Sarah and Isaiah and Daniel to address the secondary school. It was very successful and a great way of using our technology to help us get back to our usual routine at this time.

We also celebrated our Feast Day today with a virtual liturgy. Fr. Alexis celebrated a liturgy for our whole College via teams at the Cathedral and this was also broadcast into homerooms and classrooms K-12. The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference have also dedicated the Feast of Our Lady Help of Christians to the people of Australia during this time, entrusting Australia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary under the title Our Lady Help of Christians, seeking her intercession for the safety of all our people especially in this time of COVID-19 pandemic. We were able to also acknowledge this and incorporate into our celebration today. Following the liturgy, the students enjoyed a takeaway morning tea. So, while this was a very different celebration for our Feast Day it was wonderful to be able to mark this significant time in our calendar year by gathering us together as a community in prayer.

Primary Student Representative Council

The SRC have put together a little video to inform classes about what's been happening on the Primary this term!

We have a new basketball hoop in Jarrar Buru. It is teaching us upper body strength to help with our writing. It is teaching us to take turns, cooperate, share and team work. We are using it to reinforce first and then. It is also great for our brain breaks after sooooooo much work! Thanks to our fabulous maintenance team for putting this in for us.

KINDY FUN by Miss Kristi

We have been having so much fun at school and enjoying the cooler weather. We have taken our learning into the outdoor environment so much more and even planted our annual veggie patch! We wanted to say a HUGE THANKYOU to Mr Dan and Mr Murray who spent a lot of time getting the soil and reticulation ready so that we can grow lots of yummy foods which we plan to use in our Kindy kitchen! Watch this space!!

💚 CDG AWARENESS💚 On Friday 15th May we celebrated Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation Awareness Day with our gorgeous Kindy student Kelsie and her kindy friends and teachers. As you can see from these photos, Kelsie and her friends had so much fun together! Thanks so much to Kelsie, her family and teachers for making this day possible.


The Year 1-3 classes have been buzzing. The sound of laughter while learning has been resounding in the classrooms. Inquiry learning through investigation and problem solving has created such enthusiasm to learn and grow. The Year 1 students have been so busy creating as they write. Procedure writing has been a blast. A fan favourite was creating paper helicopters. An engineering challenge to create marble run mazes was so much fun. The Year 2 students have been so busy working on place value and have embraced super challenges with big numbers. Match box car mazes allowed students to immerse themselves in the create, innovate and design process. The creativity continued in Year 3 as the students have produced the most amazing narratives that hook the audience in. The collaboration and discussion during the writing process has been out of sight. We are so proud of how kind, respectful and responsible the gorgeous students in Year 1-3 are at play.

Miss Shannon - Year 2

This week we were given a challenge to create something only using materials from nature. We were so clever and creative! Miss Melis, Miss Shannon, Miss Tarlena and Mr Lyle were so impressed with the way we used our problem solving and teamwork skills. We included everyone's ideas and created some amazing things. We particularly loved the `ice cream washing' machine from Jarrah, Ester and Sunny as well as the football field from Chase, Alizai and Nate. Year 2 is filled with so many future engineers, designers, architects and creatives!

ANZAC Day in Year 5!

It was so special to be able to commemorate ANZAC Day together in our classroom by participating in a beautifully written liturgy by Miss Janenell and then reflecting through some water colour art.

“It is important that we remember those who fought for us because that is why we have the best of everything today” - Maliyah Angus.

“My Dad is my hero, he has been to Afghanistan to fight with his Aussie mates” - Alexander Earle.

Thank you to all of our ANZAC heroes - love all of the St Mary’s Year 5s!

Lunchtime Activities at Secondary:

Run every lunchtime and allow students to learn IT skills and make computer games and animators.

HASS Class:

Economic simulations. Students are learning how to balance running a business (MacDonalds) and making money with ethical choices.

Learning Support

Last term, our Learning Support team made mosaics of the different areas of the Kimberley that our students are from. We were able to narrow it down to 3 regions (Peninsula, Broome and East Kimberley), represented on each Mosaic. The mosaics are now up on the wall and look fabulous!

Follow the Dream Program

Follow the Dream – Success for Jake Powers Year 10

St Mary’s College, Broome, runs the Follow the Dream program on its Secondary campus both during and outside normal school hours. It aims to support and challenge participating Aboriginal students to develop their academic potential and maximise their achievements. The program offers a range of initiatives – such as mentoring, tutoring, University trips and cultural camps – to assist students in transitioning into a successful post-school destination. Each year, our alumni head to University, start a traineeship or apprenticeship, or find meaningful employment.

Social-Emotional Learning on the Secondary

Last Wednesday, secondary students took part in their first lesson of social-emotional learning. Year 7-10 students are engaged in the 'You Can Do It!' programme, while Year 11's are partaking in 'Successful Minds'. Both programmes focus on positive attitudes, social-emotional skills, character strengths and values based on the science of wellbeing and achievement. Lessons for students teach mindfulness, grit, gratitude, optimism, resilience, self-acceptance, growth mindset, confidence, organisation and getting along.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF)

ILF have donated Book Supply Packs and they have been used across the school in many ways. From our families and hubs at Our Mob for outreach through to books in classroom libraries across the Primary Campus. Thanks so much for your generous donation ILF!

'Reconciliation at St Mary's College Secondary'

University of WA 2021. For any of our students who are wanting to go to University in 2021, make sure you consider University housing. At UWA the Catholic shared housing is St Thomas Moore College. Please look at the information they have sent us and contact them if you are considering choosing them next year.