Welcome to BCMS By Dakota Winslow

This is the Front entrance to the school. The logo on the floor is very sacred and must not be stepped on.

This is the Guidence Office You can see it when you enter the building from the main enterance. Our councilors are Mrs. Schieber and Mrs. Fender and the secretary is Mrs. Herrman. They can help with changing classes and are there for you if you need someone to talk to.
This is the hallway outside of the art rooms above some of the lockers. It was made by the art teachers. The art teachers are Mrs. Garwood, Mr. Freeborn and Mrs. Lilly.
This is the enterance to the music hallway. Where the music, band and strings rooms are located. Music is taught by Miss. Holdmeyer, band is taught by Mr. Johnson and strings is taught by Mr. Keeney.
Thsi is the music room. You will sing, dance, play instruments, watch musicals and take tests in this room, but most of all you will have a great time with Miss. Holdmeyer.
This is the hallway outside of the gym where you can find picures from previous years and somewords of encouragement.
This is the gym where you will be every other day for physical activity. You will run, play games, exersize, and go to the weight room (in next picture). Gym has 4 teachers 2 teachers for the boys, Mr. Rohlfing and Mr. Donovan and 2 teachers for the girls, Mrs. Pond and Mrs. Zimmerman.
The fitness center is in the basement and is used by all classes when you're down stairs. You can do different things such as arm, leg, torso, upper and lower abdomen and other workouts with or without equipment.
You can see all the trophys that have been won over the years on your way to gym.
This is the STAD room, it is down the hall from the lunch room. You come in here to see the Principal, if you're in trouble or if they just need you for a quick minute.
This is the Principles office. You never want to be in here!!
This is the lunch room (Commons). You'll eat lunch, talk to friends and stay quiet. The only ruls are to pick up after yourself, no being on phones, don't start trouble and stay quiet.
This is where you will get your food if you didn't bring your lunch. You will have a differt veriety of food choices everday that have been made by the lunch ladies.
This is the cookie cart. After you have set your food down you may go up and get drinks or junk food, the ladies keep in fully stocked so you can get what ever you want.
This is the history hallway where you will find some amazing teachers and find your history class.
This is the speech room. You will learn different thinks about acting, literature, the different stage places, how to improvise and you will do your own little skit with a partner and watch movies.
The library is stocked with many different types of books suck as non-fiction all the way to comics. If they don't have a book you want to read you can always talk to Mr. Miller on one of the ladies at the desk and they will help get one in. You can also play games such as chess and checkers and charge or phone o chromebook.
These are the stairs that are at the end of the ELA hallway and aren't as full as the other stairs and will get you to anyclass fast.
This is the science hall. It's filled with different things suck as scince classrooms and differnet science quotes and facts.
Down stairs you have the FACs classroom that stands for Family And Consumer sciences. You will learn how to cook, sew, manager your time wisely, accounting and many different other things.
In the sewing room you must listen to instructions from your teacher carefulli so you do not mess up or break the machines and there is absoulitly no gum or food allowed due to past incidences.
In the cooking lab is is exacly like the sewing lab except you will be cooking and you have to clean up your area and if you don't you have to stay and clean after.
At the end of the hall you will find the FACs class rooms and in this hall you can find all of the foreign language classes. Our school provides 4 differnt languages such as Spanish, German, French and Chines.
In the Tech rooms you will learn how to make 3D models of things on the computer, make different things out of wood, medal or both. Some exaples of what you do are Co2 Dragsters, lamps, robots, cubes. key holders and a bunch of other things.
I hope you enjoyed this presentation and are excited to come to BCMS. I know that the teachers and staff are happy to meet you.

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