Art and the Good Life Exploringthe Harn Museum


The piece depicted above is by American artist John Chamberlain. It is Untitled and was produced in 1973 using aluminum foil, acrylic, lacquer, and polyresin. This piece and its medium stuck out to me because it is very unique and not a typical medium used in art. It conveys an industrialist attitude in a colorful manner which I can thoroughly appreciate. While some may not see the beauty in this piece, I believe it is very unique and quite interesting. When I look at it, it gives me a feeling of diversity and makes me feel accepting since this is so unusual, yet it has value. This can be related to people and the good life because someone and their journey towards the good life can be so unusual and different that we dismiss them, however, they too are just as valuable as everyone else.


While walking through the museum, I noticed how different areas were set up uniquely for the art they exhibited. I particularly admired the exhibit/display depicted above. One of my favorite parts of the exhibit is how well the blue painted wall looks with the painting "Champ d'avoine (Oat Field)" displayed against it. In addition, the lighting in this exhibit really brings out the vibrant colors used in this group of paintings. I also appreciate the blissful simplicity this exhibit conveys, which mingles well with the colors and subject matters of these paintings. I really admire the subject matter of the paintings, they depict gorgeous landscapes that I find to be spectacular. They make me feel free inside and convey the emotion of openness and happiness.

Art and Core Values

One of my core values that I consider the most is work ethic. My parents raised me to always work hard and give every situation 110% of my effort. Therefore, this piece, "Road Worker' by Diego Rivera, really speaks to me because I can relate to the incredible work ethic the man in the piece must have. It makes me feel inspired to work hard and give all situations I encounter all I have because that is exactly what this man is doing. I assume that he is doing road work, which is not the most desirable job on the market, however, he fights through the pain, sweat, and discomfort so he can, most likely, provide for his family. In it's description, this piece is supposed to dignify the poor, this is something I value because someone who works hard through poverty is to be respected. This piece helps me better understand what it really means to be a hard worker.

Art and the Good Life

This piece, "En el patio de mi casa (The Courtyard of my House)," conveys the good life theme "achieving the good life" to me because it depicts people who seem to be content, relaxing with friends and/or family in their yard. The feeling of being content conveyed in this piece reminded me of Siddhartha when he finally achieved his good life. These people are sitting out in nature, socializing, without a care in the world, which makes me believe they are living their "good life." Therefore, this piece conveys the good life theme of "achieving the good life" because these people seem to have achieved the good life. It adds to my appreciation of "achieving the good life" because the people in the piece look so content which makes me feel relaxed and content, as well.

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