How the symbolism of the pomegranate tree develops throughout the novel Luis-Miguel floyd

In this novel the pomegranate tree is more than just a tree, it represents the friendship and bond between two Afghani boys. The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosenni, Realistic novel. The trees state develops with the relationship of Amir and Hassan.

At the beginning of the novel Amir and Hassan's relationship s good and so is the tree, In this quote Amir and Hassan are young care free and as close as can be. "My entire childhood seems like ne long lazy summer day with Hassan" Amir and Hassan have bin together for ever and are as close as brothers. Amir in the next quote then uses a Knife to carve there names in a tree, a pomegranate tree, "I used one of Ali's kitchen knives to carve our names I it". To further symbolize there friendship they carve there names I the tree first showing us that the tree represents there relationship. Here is where the role of the pomegranate tree really starts to take root.

In the middle of the novel marks the start of the deterioration of not only the relationship between Ami and Hassan but the deterioration of the tree, further showing the symbolism. Here in this quote Amir wintnesses Hassan's rape. "In the end, I ran", Instead of stopping he rape Amir watches and eventually runs away in hopes of retaining the kite to impress BaBa. This leads to the doubt of the carving, the doubt of there friendship. "I knew I'd made a mistake... The words I'd carved... I couldn't stand looking at them now". After cowardly keeping quite about the rape he starts to regret the carvings on the tree. By starting to regret the carvings he also starts to regret there relationship, here is were there relationship starts to deriorate.

In the end o the Kite Runner the tree and the boys relationship has deteriorated. Here Amir realizes what he believes to be Hassan's "final sacrifice" to him. "This was Hassan's final sacrifise for me". This was Hassan's "final sacrifice" because Hasan is now gone he is a memory. Likewise the tree is now dead. "The carving had dulled, almost faded altogether but it was till there". The tree is now dead and only exists in its former glory in memory. Both the tree and there relationship in there former glory exsist in memory, while Hassan is dead there friendship is still there and while the tree is dead the tree still exists and the carving is still there.

Both the tree and the boys relationship survive it all and while not as strong they still exist.

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