My Literacy History Morgan Koblitz

Earliest Literacy Memories

Some of my earliest memories involving literacy are the memories I have of my grandma reading books to me. As a child I loved to listen to my grandma read any kind of book to me. Her voice was always relaxing and made me really enjoy reading!

My First Attempt at Writing

Growing up, I was very close with my cousins. I remember spending many hours in my grandma's playroom playing "school". My cousin Kelsey would pretend to be the teacher and I was the student. Kelsey would write things on a chalkboard and I would copy down what she was writing. While this isn't my very first writing experience, playing "school" was something I definitely did quite often as a child.

Library Experiences As A Child

One of my favorite things to do in the summer as a child was attend our library's summer reading program. I really enjoyed this experience because we always got to have fun with our friends and earn prizes for reading!

Positive Writing Experiences

As a child I remember always enjoying writing in my school journal. I enjoyed writing because we got write about a variety of things and I was always excited to take what I had wrote home to read to my mom. It always made me feel so special seeing how proud my mom was of my work!

Learning to Read

I remember being very fortunate to have many members of my family help me learn to read. I recall reading books with my mom, as well as my grandma, my aunt, and my cousins. I was very lucky as a child to have so many people support me and want me to succeed!

Reading in School

Once I was a fluent reader, I was really driven to read by the Accelerated Reading program my school had. Since I already enjoyed reading, the prizes and parties were just an added bonus to reading and encouraged me to read even more. As a child I read a variety of books, one of my favorite series was "A Series of Unfortunate Events."

As a Reader Now

While I still enjoy reading, I don't seem to do it as often for pleasure anymore. As a college student I find it hard to find time to read very many books for fun. However, in the summer I tend to read a variety of books and am always open to suggestions for new books to read!


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