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Thesis: Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers of all time and has made a huge impact on theater and the English language today.

Quote 1: “Shakespeare's personal life comes mostly from church and legal documents” (Anderson 776)

Commentary: This shows that Shakespeare was a very private person and is not open to everyone else. It is surprising that he became one of the greatest actors and playwrights of all time.

Quote 2: “...by 1592, Shakespeare had already become an actor and a playwright. By 1594, he was a charter member of the theatrical company called the Lord Chamberlain's Men…” (Anderson 777)

Commentary: In a short amount of time, Shakespeare has already become an actor, playwright, and member of a theatrical company. Shakespeare has provided the company with play, "Romeo and Juliet" being one of them, and has worked with them for the rest of his career. By the time he retired in 1612, Shakespeare had already written 37 plays, including his most famous pieces such as "Julius Caesar", "Hamlet", "Othello", and "Macbeth".

Quote 3: “ ...do not know exactly when Shakespeare left school or what he did in his immediate post-school years. It was customary to leave school at the age of 15…”

Commentary: Although Shakespeare left school around the age of 15, he has accomplished many things throughout his entire lifetime. Shakespeare retired at the age of 48 and died at the age of 52. Within 37 years, Shakespeare single handedly changed the English language and the theatrical world.

Quote 4: “Shakespeare's characters, language, and stories are a source of inspiration, quotation, and imitation.”

Commentary: Some of the language Shakespeare used back then are still used in everyday conversations which shows how much he changed the English language. Words such as gloomy and lonely are still used to this day.

Quote 5: “The period of Shakespeare's great tragedies and the "problem plays" begins in 1600 with Hamlet.”

Commentary: The most famous and well-known plays written by Shakespeare is Hamlet. Hamlet went on to become one of the world's great dramas.

Quote 6: “Many words and phrases that first appeared in his plays and poems have become part of our everyday speech.”

Commentary: This shows how much Shakespeare has influenced the English language. Shakespeare's commitment to theater and writing has impacted more than just the theatrical world and changed the English language forever.

Quote 7: “Shakespeare's sonnets are by far his most important nondramatic poetry.”

Commentary: Shakespeare is known for other genres of poetry. Not only is he known for his dramatic style of writing, he is also known for many others. This shows how Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers/playwrights of all time. Shakespeare wrote a total of 37 plays, 154 sonnets and five narratives throughout his career.

Quote 8: “...playwrights influence the shape and form of a theater, but more often existing theaters seem to influence the shape and form of plays.” (Anderson 778)

Commentary: This was important for Shakespeare because the theater is what influenced his work. Understanding the theater made it easier to write plays and think about how it would be shown on stage. Although Shakespeare was already a great writer without the theater, he took advantage of it.

Quote 9: “... the Globe Theatre. This was the theater for which Shakespeare wrote most of his plays.” (Anderson 778)

Commentary: The Globe Theater was the theater that influenced his work. The Globe Theater was built by James Burbage in 1576 and was torn down in 1599.

Quote 10: “Now more and more theaters are building "thrust" stages, or arena stages.” (Anderson 780)

Commentary: Shakespeare's stage was a "thrust stage". The "thrust stage" helped Shakespeare's plays look similar to a movie. This kind of stage allowed actors to move quickly from place to place and later inspired playwrights to write plays that would look similar to movies.

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