Block Island Lance Benoit

Halloween party in September 2015. Every year in September is a Halloween party that everyone that lives in Rhode island knows about.

This series of photos includes a map of the island, an Arial picture of the bay, champlins marina and the famous lighthouse on the island

Block island is my favorite place to have fun and spend time with my dad. My dad is my best friend and him and i have so much fun here over the one weekend we spend here a year. From playing football to getting cabs to get lunch and bridge jumping. This place with holds the most valuable memories i share with my dad.

These pictures are all highlights of Ballards beach

This is a clip of a party at ballards


Created with images by davidwilson1949 - "20080423 24 Block Island, Rhode Island" • tburling - "Southeast Light, Block Island, RI" • Boston Public Library - "Map of Block Island -- scene of the Larchmont sinking, first settler bringing ashore a cow, daily trips from Providence, the fishing fleet"

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