Lexi needs your help Happy HuskY wants to be your friend anD Needs your help.

Lexi is a Siberian Husky who needs help fighting cancer. He suffers from nerve sheath tumors on his right ribs that do not spread to the rest of his body, but grow very quickly, threatening to rupture the skin. Lexi's owner passed away leaving him homeless. Now he is with a new family who has adopted him but needs help with the cost of treating the tumors. Luckily, the vet suggests a treatment that should have no negative impact on his quality of life. Besides the cancer, Lexi is VERY healthy. Please consider donating to help this playful, loving dog.

Update: Lexi is getting a surgery this October to remove the tumors, they are so large they effect the way he walks! Please donate via the links above.
Update 2: Lexi is doing great! He got the surgery last week and is recovering remarkably well. His vet, Dr. Lanquetot at P.V. Village Pet Hospital, said that he is "truly amazing".
Lexi really enjoys his walks!

Contact: Jenn@jennbphoto.com

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