Kicked Out By Beth Goobie

  • Characters:
  • Dime:Trouble maker
  • Darren:Dimes brother
  • Gabe:Dimes bf/ex
  • Lena:Gabe's ex gf,
  • mom and dad(no names)
  • Tiff: Dimes bff
  • Larry: Darren's friend
  • Settings:was living with her parents but got kicked out and now is living with her brother

Main idea: getting through hard times

  • Summary:Dime was 15 turning 16 soon she has snuck out past her bedtime with her bf and her parents don't like gabe as much as her other ex bf and she also has a nose ring she got but her parents don't like it when she comes home from being out so late she takes the nose ring out and get yelled at after that.
  • All her parents want her is for her to be happy and turn her grades around so her dad told her "If you don't follow the rules you're out of the house" so dime got smart and said "Make Me" then she stormed up the stairs and went to her room and cried.
  • then she found out that her and the family was talking about her moving with her brother in his apartment. They went to his apartment and his landlord came by and yelled at them to be quiet because it's a quite place and Gabe's ex Lean is jealous of Dime being with Gabe so she wants to fight Dime. But dime doesn't want to fight lean Dime also makes dinner for her and Darren because darren can't do anything because of the accident dime and him were in.
  • her and darren also talked about her parents and why they kicked her out and that with just want dime to be happy and just break up with gabe and Darren said they can go to California
  • Gabe is gonna teach her to ride his Ninja Motorcycle he taught her but the two problems were the dime has memories of her parents calling her names and that what gabe was doing so she almost crashed the bike because of his yelling and the memories of her parents yelling at her after he left her there at the place he came back an got her those two made up.
  • One day she missed her early bus so she caught the next bus and came to school wasn't late this time and she was walking past the girls room and heard a fight going on so she wanted to see who it was she went in there and couldn't see who it was then she remember Lean problem with wanting to fight her and had memories fighting with a boy back in fifth grade and after that the fight was over dime asked the girl if she was okay the girl completely ignored her and dime left the bathroom so.After school her and Tiff were walking outside and seen Lean hugging gabe from behind and him smiling like his was in a toothpaste commercial.
  • At the end her and darren and his friend Larry were on there way to california and stopped at the gas station she seen gabe there and everyone was admiring his bike and dime and gabe said hi in awkwardly way and he said "have fun in cail" and hope you do well dime said thanks and her and darren and larry left and were on there way to California
What the Characters would look like


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