The Skinner Scroll Weekly News for the week of april17th

Happy Earth Day! Room 9 celebrated Earth Day this week with songs, poems, and special projects to remind us of how important it is to keep our Earth healthy. We reflected on ways we can save water, reduce garbage, and make the earth beautiful! Be sure to check out our Earth Day Headlines in the hall!

"I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees!" Second Graders visibly think about our Earth!!
Earth's Superheros! Feel free to email me pictures of your child helping our Earth!

Second Graders SPRING into POETRY! We are learning all about poetry in our reading and writing units. To write a poem we have learned that it is easiest to develop a beat to our writing, much like that of a song. By using this rhythm, we are able to use our emotions and visualization to create some interesting stanzas. We have studied many poems to help us recognize how poetry can influence us. Some poems rhyme and are fun to read, others make us happy or sad. Some poems are silly and make us laugh. We began using our best imaginations and these samples to create our own unique poems to share with our class.

Partners read together to turn poems into music!

We learned about the format of poems and how important it is to consider line breaks when we are reading and writing in this genre. The students practiced rehearsing a poem to present to the class showing how they can fluently read poems by adding expression and voice. Second grade poets also realized how important it is to use the author’s descriptive language to visual a poem. In return, we added our own descriptive language to make our individual work creative!

Reading poems independently! This helps our reading skills and will allow us to write stronger poems too!

Second grade poets did an awesome job writing “Show, Not Tell” poems which had a lot of description and detail. Second, we learned about Acrostic poems where each letter in the word begins the line. We did this with our names and boy did we realize that we are an outstanding group. More poetry to come this week as we prepare for our Poetry Café (more information about this to come!)

Last week we had a “musical” visit with our fifth grade buddies as they demonstrated playing their different instruments. The clarinet, cello, flute, viola, violin, trumpet and our favorite, the trombone were included in our musical demonstration. Both pitch and volume could be observed. It was another great learning experience with our buddies! Ask your second grader all about this!

Quick Reminders: If your child has not yet turned in his/her April Monthly News, please help them to do so! Also, we are in a "sticky" situation and are running very low on glue sticks! If you would like to donate some to the class, I thank you in advance! I look forward to a great week!

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