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canada data collection

cn tower: main torist attraction

natural resource - iron ore, nickel, zinc, copper, gold, lead, rare earth elements, molybdenum, potash, diamonds, silver, fish, timber, wildlife, coal, petroleum, natural gas, hydropower

Land use- agricultural land: 6.8%

arable land 4.7%; permanent crops 0.5%; permanent pasture 1.6%

forest: 34.1%

other: 59.1% (2011 est.)

natural hazards- continuous permafrost in north is a serious obstacle to development; cyclonic storms form east of the Rocky Mountains, a result of the mixing of air masses from the Arctic, Pacific, and North American interior, and produce most of the country's rain and snow east of the mountains volcanism: the vast majority of volcanoes in Western Canada's Coast Mountains remain dormant

environmental issues- metal smelting, coal-burning utilities, and vehicle emissions impacting on agricultural and forest productivity; air pollution and resulting acid rain severely affecting lakes and damaging forests; ocean waters becoming contaminated due to agricultural, industrial, mining, and forestry activities

people and society

population - 35,362,905 (July 2016 est.)

age structure and dependency- 0-14 years: 15.44% (male 2,799,758/female 2,661,645)

15-24 years: 12.12% (male 2,204,127/female 2,080,587)

25-54 years: 40.32% (male 7,231,200/female 7,028,692)

55-64 years: 13.94% (male 2,443,452/female 2,484,788)

65 years and over: 18.18% (male 2,863,114/female 3,565,542) (2016 est.)

Population growth rate - 0.74% (2016 est.)

Urbanization - urban population: 81.8% of total population (2015)

rate of urbanization: 1.22% annual rate of change (2010-15 est.)

life expectancy - total population: 81.9 years

male: 79.2 years

female: 84.6 years (2016 est.)

total fertility - 1.6 children born/woman (2016 est.)

health expenditures - 10.4% of GDP (2014)


gross domestic product (GDP)- $46,200 (2016 est.)

unemployment rate - 7.1% (2016 est.)

poverty line - 9.4%

exports- $402.4 billion (2016 est.)

$411 billion (2015 est.)

External debt - $1.608 trillion (31 March 2016 est.)


Telephones - Telephones - fixed lines:

total subscriptions: 15.902 million

subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 45 (July 2015 est.)

Telephones - mobile cellular:

total: 29.39 million

subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 84 (July 2015 est.)

Internet users: total: 31.053 million

percent of population: 88.5% (July 2015 est.)

article sumary

Israael- Canada became a prime interest and importance in the scholarly world and academic world. People in Israel thinks that Canada is the type of country where they are careful what they are spending or investing unlike the USA and western democracies. Canada is recognized as a country which has a lot of freedom and strong economy.

China – in china, Canada is omitted from their syllabus for long time because it was a country without any influential political system or foreign policy. Canada’s main interest is the national interest of their such as the foreign policy. Canada is focused on the economic matters of their and do not involve in international matters.

India – Canada and India have common features regarding the trade and investments business and economic links. There were political differences in the past but now there Is greater optimism to forging connections. Its is hoped that the political leadership between India and Canada will move to higher level, and will improve its economic development .

Germany- Canada has been considered an international actor. Germany has been a producer of energy and natural resources for Canada. Canada has been seen as a model which has multi faced immigrant socity with different views voices and different sets that is still important to talk about in german universities

United Kingdom- Canada is seen as a country where they are seen as a good academic source of literature. they even bring poets on Canada day. Canada is an influential model where people can learn from how they live and what they do.

Poland – Canada has a rich history which is very interesting to the people of Poland. Canada appears to be a gothic identity which faced its national ghosts. students envision Canada as a country of immigrants cherishing its multiethnic, multicultural, and multi-religious heritage.

Venezuela- Canada plays a role as a peace maker in Latin America in general. Many Venezuelans have gone to study, to work, or emigrated to Canada in the past 10 years. Students of are taught that Canada is a country that has active multiculturalism along with inter-culturalism


Q1) Canada’s biggest strength would be its free healthcare system because its health expenditure is about 10.4 percent GDP which is ranked 19 when comparing to other countries. This also leads to a higher life expectancy Which is about 81.9 years within the population. Canada’s main weakness would be employment for young Canadians as their unemployment ratio is about 7.1 percent which is 5 percent higher than the U.S.
Q2) Canada most pressing issue or concern would be fighting the fundamental rights such as freedom and democracy in the world. It only takes part in national interest that would only benefit the country which much less international influence around the world. It is evident when Stephen harper made his second visit to China in 2012 and signed a lot of economic agreements.
Q3) compared to any other country Canada should be proud of its diversity, its impressive healthcare which is ranked 15 in the world when comparing to health expenditures which is about 10.4% of GDP. Canadians should also be proud of its average life expectancy which is about 81.9 years which is ranked 19 in the world. They should also be proud of its economy which is very well rounded.
Q4) Canada is better off with any other third world countries such as African countries which has very high poverty line. Canada has a very low poverty line, when compared to any third world other countries, Canada does better than the U.S when compared to healthcare which is ranked 15.


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