Pride and Prejudice research project

Choose an aspect of the novel, Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen that you would like to know more about. Your research must involve some aspect of life and culture of Regency England.

England's flag "The Unionjack"

Requirements: 1) a minimum of three sources 2) works cited MLA format 3) approximately 1500-2000 words 4) a minimum of 4 images 5) use Adobe Spark page or video.

  • Foods - what did people eat and where did they get their food
  • Fashion - what were the fashions? Who made dresses? Were there famous designers?
  • Expectations based on socioeconomics and gender
  • Industry - what did people do who had to work?
  • The monarchy
  • British wars - what wars were the soldiers fighting that came to Meryton
  • themes from the novel and where are they reflected in Austen's society? (Lit Crit)
  • Entertainment - teach us the games
  • Inheritance Laws


Created with images by rick ligthelm - "Lincoln, England" • mwoods - "union jack flag british" • jarmoluk - "education a good idea an array of"

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