Racism Why are people racist?

Racism is a topic that not many people talk about or like to bring up. Some people even think racism is over and there is no more work to do. I can assure you that is not over in the United States and pretty much every other place around the world. Although it should be over by now, a large amount of people still are considered racist; some much more racist than others. We should be judging people by the kind of person they are on the inside and definitely not on the color of their skins and their ethnic background.

What is racism?

For those of you who do not know what racism is or are a little vague on the topic this next sentence may help you develop a better understanding of it. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, racism is discrimination and prejudice towards people based on race and ethnicity. In simpler terms, racism is negatively judging people based on their race and ethnic background.

Do you know anyone who may is racist?

According to a recent survey taken by 8th graders at Hommocks Middle School, around 77 percent of the students said they know someone who is racist or someone who they think is racist. I was actually surprised as to how many people answered yes for this one, I thought it would be more like 50 percent for yes and no.

Presidential problem

In that same survey, again about 78 percent of the student who took the survey said that they thought Donald Trump is racist. In my opinion, I think Trump is racist, he has said some horrible and racist things during his campaign and in the past.

Trump recently spoke in front of an overwhelmingly white audience in Michigan, saying “You're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?” Trump was referring to African Americans when he said these things. (Nia-Malika Henderson, Senior Politician Reporter at CNN).

I think it will be very challenging for the United States to become less racist if so many people are under the impression that our president elect is racist. Our president is supposed to be someone that is a role model to us, someone who we strive to be like, and someone in whom we admire their ingenuity, their abilities, and especially their shrewdness.

Why are people racist?

My main focal point in this article is to figure out why people are racist. I conducted a survey for Hommocks Middle school eighth grader students to take and one of the questions was “ Why do you think people are racist?” The two most picked answers were because of the influence their parents or family members had on them during their childhood ( 40.7%) and because they need something to take the blame for bad things that have happened in the past (33.3%).

Figuring out why people are racist is a hard thing to do, surveys are great but people often don't speak their honest opinions because they are embarrassed to do so. Surveys also can't take the opinions of a huge amount of people because you can only survey fairly small amounts of people compared to how many people are in the United States of America.

According to an article about why people are racist from “ Racism. It stops with me”, it says the 4 most likely reasons as to why people are racist. Four of the most common reasons are because people take on the views of people around them, people only hang out with people that are “like them” , people are quick to judge and put labels on people, and lastly people blame others for things that have happened to them in the past.

End racism

It is wrong for people to blame a certain race for problems and issues that have happened in the past or for any of the other things listed, racism should be over by now but it is still a major problem all around the world and it has affected the lives of many people who have done nothing wrong. Those people who have been affected by racism and even the people who haven't but still face and have yet to do anything wrong deserve much better than what they are receiving.

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