Research about Gorillas by: Tyler, Kasope and Sai.

This is a Gorilla scratching his hair.

How do Gorillas communicate?

They bang on their chest so he can scare off most any harm that's coming near him

-They use different faces to show feelings

-They make different noises to communicate

This is a Gorilla eating.

What do gorillas eat?

-Gorillas eat 66 pounds of food daily

-They eat bamboo and celery

-Gorillas spend the day looking for food

This is a picture of a Gorilla and it's young.

Do gorillas run in the wild or do they find shelter?

-They find shelter

-They make nests out of leaves and branches

-They make new nests each night

This is a close up of a Gorilla.

What is their body like?

-They have brown or gray hair

-Adults stand to 6 feet tall

-Silver hair grows on older male gorilla backs

This is a Gorilla sitting.

We got our information from pebble go and kids info bits.

We hope now you like Gorillas.

Created By
Tyler,Sai and kasope


Created with images by beckeramie - "Gorilla" • Unsplash - "gorilla primate animal" • skeeze - "gorilla ape primate" • skeeze - "mother and baby gorillas sitting" • belgianchocolate - "gorilla" • ST33VO - "Gorilla"

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